Wait, what? Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might actually be married for 26 years now!

Ryder recalled the filming of the 90's movie 'Dracula', where director Francis Ford Coppola actually used a real Romanian priest to officiate hers and Reeves' wedding scene.

                            Wait, what? Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might actually be married for 26 years now!
Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves (Source:Getty Images)

Both Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves are stunning actors and successful in their own right, and chances are that the two might even be married. Well, almost. 

The actors, who had starred together in numerous movies before, including 1992's 'Dracula', 2006’s 'A Scanner Darkly' and 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee' in 2009, are all set to come together again as an on-screen couple in the upcoming flick, 'Destination Wedding'. But before entertaining movie-goers with their chemistry in the much-awaited rom-com, the 46-year-old actress has revealed a crazy story from her past and it involves a wedding and co-star Reeves.

“We actually got married in Dracula,” the Stranger Things actress said while promoting her upcoming film with Reeves. “No, I swear to God, I think we’re married in real life,” Ryder continued, recalling the filming on the 90s movie, where director Francis Ford Coppola actually “used a real Romanian priest” for a scene involving Ryder and Reeves' character's wedding. 

"We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So I think we're married," the Netflix star explained, before reminding the 'John Wick' actor about their special day, which seemed to become a faded memory for Reeves. “Don’t you remember that? It was Valentine’s Day,” Ryder prodded, to which Reeves replied, exclaiming, "Oh my gosh, we’re married.”

It's indeed an exciting month for the actors, who are all set to grace the big screens again as love interests in the comedy, 'Destination Wedding', set for an August 31 release. Strangers meeting en route to a destination wedding, their characters eventually realize that they might have more in common than they know. 

"When they meet on their way to a destination wedding, they soon discover they have a lot in common: they both hate the bride, the groom, the wedding, themselves, and most especially each other. As the weekend’s events continually force them together – and their cheerlessness immediately isolates them from the other guests – Frank and Lindsay find that if you verbally spar with someone long enough, anything can happen. When debate gives way to desire, they must decide which is stronger: their hearts or their common sense," teased the plot synopsis. 

So far, the plot seems to be a treat for the fans of romantic comedies. And those who are particularly fond of seeing the pair on screen might as well brace themselves for a trip down the memory lane. 

Teasing the comedy and gushing about working with Ryder again, Reeves recently told People magazine, "Winona is a lovely person and a talented actress. I think we make a good couple, and I liked that it’s a two-hander. To them, nobody else matters anyway, right? We did something like five eight-minute scenes, which you don’t often get a chance to do in films.”