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'Windy City Rehab' Season 3: Alison Victoria's personal jobs amid renovations irks fans

Fans don't seem to like Alison Victoria's restoration work as she attempted to help her pal with his Gold Coast apartment
Alison Victoria and client in 'Windy City Rehab' Season 3, episode 7 (Instagram/hgtv)
Alison Victoria and client in 'Windy City Rehab' Season 3, episode 7 (Instagram/hgtv)

In the newest episode of 'Windy City Rehab,' Alison Victoria combines personal and professional work. Fans are not enjoying her current work and called her out for doing the bare minimum as she attempts to aid her buddy with renovations.

When 'Windy City Rehab' host Victoria's pal, had to restore his Gold Coast residence, he roped her in knowing she would be the best woman for the job. She worked with her pal to turn his gorgeous high-rise condo into a genuine one-of-a-kind reflection of city life. Meanwhile, Victoria herself is juggling businesses in Athens, Greece, creating her unique wine. Fans expressed their dissatisfaction on social media after seeing the show alternate between her rehab work and personal endeavors.


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Ted, the proprietor of Diamond Wine Importers and a buddy of Victoria's for six years, paid $500,000 for his Gold Coast condo. According to Victoria, the unit, which occupied a whole floor and had a stunning view of Lake Michigan, was located on a high-rise structure that was initially created by a team of doctors in 1922, right after the Spanish flu pandemic. Several of the original elements, such as vintage equipment in the kitchen and foldable butcher blocks that would enhance counter space, have been kept on the inside. A former vestibule was converted into a portion of the main suite. Ted requested that a wood-paneled room be converted into a billiards room, while Victoria envisioned a guest bedroom and bathroom.

Ted and designer/architect Tom Nahabedian both insisted on keeping the apartment's charm to the greatest extent feasible, however, Ted denied one design element that Victoria insisted on putting up: wall sconces. Fans, on the other hand, dismiss Victoria's fixation on acquiring those scones. One of them tweeted: "All these beautiful pieces and she’s harping on that sea shell sconce. #WindyCityRehab."


Another fan pointed out that as it is her client's property, she should respect their wishes and preferences rather than imposing her own. They wrote: "Allison, it’s not your house! If your client doesn’t want sconces, shut up! She’s browbeating this guy. #WindyCityRehab"


Ted insisted on staying under $1 million in budget and hitting the Christmas deadline. The crew was working on a large project. However, it would not be the sole project. Victoria and Ted also worked together on her personal wine brand, which would be created from Greek grapes in honor of Victoria's Greek roots. He assisted her in refining the fragrances and tastes she desired for her label. However, the touting of her wine brand during a home remodeling show irked some fans. One of them remarked: "Really? I’m here for house renovation, not wine tasting. Is she THAT desperate for tv content? #WindyCityRehab"


Ted was given a tour of his freshly refurbished house by Victoria and Tom, beginning with the entry adjacent to the private elevator, which was lighted by one of the Greek redoubts. The three entered the kitchen after jogging along a corridor turned art gallery, which featured blonde-colored cabinetry to match the refurbished flooring and white quartz countertops Ted picked. The bar, with its stunning black and gold worktops and backsplash, was revealed when the cabinet was unlocked. The kitchen was now connected to the dining area, which had a large table and a stylish light over it. Ari was able to sand down the edges and unite multiple plates into a single piece, which Ted praised. Victoria and Tom showed Ted around his new primary bedroom, which had a beautiful closet and private bathroom, but he was particularly fond of his new billiard area. The sofas gave plenty of sitting, and the bar mirrored the one in the kitchen.


Even while the condo's owner appeared to admire what Victoria had done with the space, people on social media seem to disagree. One wrote: "What in the left-over furniture is that main bedroom? #WindyCityRehab". Another person tweeted: "Not feeling the colors of the kitchen, but it’s very well done. #WindyCityRehab." Another fan however, felt that the owner and friend of Victoria looked underwhelmed with the result. They tweeted: "Ted looks underwhelmed #windycityrehab"




One fan believed Tom was the true brains behind the rehab, and Victoria didn't deserve credit. The tweet read: "A real designer was in charge so the job got finished on time. He designed and ran the job,and she is taking credit. #windycityrehab"


Looking at the renovation, a fan called this the most disappointing season. They tweeted: "This really has been a disappointing season. Sure, the woman grates on me, but her rehabs are generally lovely. I’m baffled by this season. #WindyCityRehab"


Tune in to HGTV every Thursday at 9/8c for new episodes of 'Windy City Rehab,' to see Alison take on new client rehab projects.

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