'Windy City Rehab': Alison makes 'rookie mistakes' when it comes to money management, say fans as she loses $90K

In Episode 1, Alison worked on a project that has been sitting idle for a year and it's only done in parts

                            'Windy City Rehab': Alison makes 'rookie mistakes' when it comes to money management, say fans as she loses $90K
Alison Victoria (Getty Images)

'Windy City Rehab' Season 2 has returned amid a raging controversy with regards to Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt's strained working relationship. While she works on the design, he figures out the construction bit of it. Together, they build beautiful homes but their teamwork was questioned when owners found out they paid for new homes that continued to suffer from water and other damages.

In this week's episode though Alison and Donovan come together to a house they have to renovate as soon as they can. It has seen little to no progress in a year and they were there to fix it. As they discussed the options and how they'd go about it, Alison expressed that they will be spending more money on the project because "more money out, more money in." But Donovan doesn't agree with her line of thought. 

They bought the house for $678,000 and planned on putting $812,000 renovating it. And, finally, sell it for $ 1,700,000. But those plans changed when Alison said she would love to front costs, add $50,000 to step up their game. By the time the house was done and ready for sale, the renovation expenses shot up and stood at $1,387,945. Alison listed it at $2 million and it sold for $1,975,000. In the process, she lost $90,945. 

Meanwhile, fans have been speculating reasons why Alison has been losing money on her projects. 

"In all the rehab shows I watch, I feel like none have long construction timelines like this show. Could be wrong but maybe thats one of the reasons they're losing so much money. #windycityrehab," a fan tweeted, while another shared on Alison's Facebook page: "Wow... not managing properties well. Remodeling 101, money management. Stupid rookie mistakes."



"I agree. Of all renovation shows her makeovers never sell and she overspends," a user commented on HGTV's Facebook handle, while another pointed out: "Not really impressed with her. She still ended up losing money."

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