'The Good Place': William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto talk about best hidden Easter eggs

'The Good Place': William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto talk about best hidden Easter eggs
Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza and William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonya (NBC)

'The Good Place' has some of the most dedicated writers, special effects creators and prop makers on television. What that results in is a whole host of Easter Eggs that ensure almost every rewatch of the show has something new to discover. Actors William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto, who play Chidi Anagonye and Jason Mendoza, respectively, talked exclusively with MEA WorldWide reporter Alana Jordan about some of their favorite 'The Good Place' Easter eggs, including one that the fans may never get to actually see. 

Jacinto, of course, immediately brought up the seemingly infinite amount of Megan Amram penned puns that line the buildings of 'The Good Place.' Amram's puns are everywhere, and she apparently has an inexhaustible list of them - the ones appearing on the show are only a fraction of the ones she's come up with. 

Another clever Easter egg is the marble-izing of Disco Janet (D'arcy Carden). Unlike the Good, Bad and Neutral Janets, when Disco Janet is marble-ized, "Her marble is a tiny little disco ball," said Harper.


Jacinto talked about an Easter egg hidden in Mindy St Claire's (Maribeth Munroe) home at the Medium Place. "One thing that always stuck with me, and I don't think the fans will ever be able to see it, but in Mindy St Claire's house, there's a jukebox," says Jacinto. "In the script, it's only supposed to play 'Eagles' songs, and in the jukebox there's literally, like, maybe hundreds of titles, and every single one of them is an 'Eagles' song."

He added, "I think you can only really see that if you visit the set, but that's how far we kinda take it on 'The Good Place.'" 

Harper pointed out another Easter egg that only the cast got to see. "Whenever there is a paper that is due in my class," he said, talking about Chidi's ethics classes with the rest of Team Cockroach, "they actually write some of the paper. And so we'll be on set, and we'll be reading it, and it's written in the voices of our characters which is really, really funny." 

The creation of Easter eggs that the fans will never see says quite a lot about how committed the people working on 'The Good Place' are. It's quite unlike any other TV show out there, and as the series draws to a close, that level of detail will be missed. 


You can watch the interview below:


The next episode of 'The Good Place' airs on January 22, on NBC.

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 William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto talk about the best hidden Easter Eggs on The Good Place