Will there be a Dear White People Season 3?

Will there be a Dear White People Season 3?
Logan Browning (Source : Getty Images)

Will there be a third season to the show Dear White People? Unfortunately, it is too soon to say. There has been no word on whether Dear White People would be renewed for a third season just yet.

However, it is way too early to decide the fate of the show considering the news of season two wasn’t greenlit until two months after season one premiered in April 2017.

The second season of the show hit Netflix on May 4. Dear White People deals with social injustices and racial tension between students in a fictional Ivy League college called Winchester University. Based on Justin Seimein’s satirical movie with the same title, the show focuses on the lives of characters in the film and some cast members in the show.

It has been timely in choosing topics it discusses since day one, and it continues to reflect the real world throughout season 2.

It is indeed quite difficult to keep pace and navigate such complicated themes with humor while still giving them the kind of emphasis they deserve to make the show a success.

Most of the core cast members are expected to return for the probable third season.

Leading the cast is Logan Browning as Samantha White. She will likely be accompanied by Brandon P Bell as Troy Fairbanks, DeRon Horton as Lionel Higgins and Antoinette Robertson as Coco Conners.  Other prominent casts who are expected to return for season 3 are Patrick Amedori as Gabe Mitchell and Marque Richardson as Reggie Green.

Details about the plot haven’t been announced yet but considering the themes touched upon in the previous seasons, there is no doubt that season three will explore other racial issues that are prevalent in America and elsewhere in the current times.


Series creator Justin Simein told Huff post that the show tells “Stories that involve black people that I haven’t really seen anywhere else before.”

Netflix doesn’t provide details like viewing numbers or ratings to the general public, so it is difficult to judge how many people are watching a particular show. Some shows that receive an immediate negative response are discontinued, but other shows are terminated for different reasons despite having small, yet loyal and dedicated fanbases.

However, it seems like Dear White People is liked by audiences and critics alike with Indiewire calling it “one of last year’s best Netflix surprises.” This shows that season 3 of the series is something that can happen for real.


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 Will there be a Dear White People Season 3?