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Will Ted Wheeler be reelected? Portland mayor joins protesters, Angry Internet calls him 'hypocrite'

'He spends a month paying cops to beat peaceful protesters and then has the shit for brains to tweet about violence?' said a social media user
UPDATED JUL 23, 2020
Ted Wheeler (Getty Images)
Ted Wheeler (Getty Images)

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler decided to join the protesters on Wednesday, July 22, and held a listening session to interact with the demonstrators. During his address, he reportedly said that Portlanders need to stand up to federal officers, else president Donald Trump would send them to other parts as well. However, his words were met with severe criticism from angry protesters, who were heard chanting “F*** Ted Wheeler” and “Do your job”, according to some internet users who have shared videos from the protest.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Wheeler reportedly said that Portland doesn’t want the intervention of federal officers and that they want them to leave the city. However, the crowd resorted to booing him during his speech, with some asking him to resign from his role immediately. The videos showing Wheeler trying to converse with the angry mob has gone viral on the Internet, leading to many asking if the public would even consider re-electing him.

One user wrote, “Anyone watching Ted Wheeler live right now? 'I passed restrictions on gassing'. They've been gassing us every night. 'We're having a discussion about that on the legislature'. JFC just resign already.” Some warned the people of Portland against voting for Wheeler, accusing him of supporting the police when peaceful protesters were being detained. “He spends a month paying cops to beat peaceful protesters and then has the shit for brains to tweet about violence? If you vote for Ted Wheeler, you're a bad person.” read a tweet.

A few have stated that apart from allegedly supporting the police violence against demonstrators, the mayor didn’t take any action when the properties within the city were destroyed during the riots. One wrote, “Ted Wheeler is a hypocrite, a failure as a mayor, and worthy of derision. But if he’s going to do it, if he’s *really* ready to stand with these protesters — then yes, absolutely: **be kind to him.** We’ll still vote him out in November, but tonight, let’s stand together.”

“@tedwheeler  Ted wheeler is a beta boy Marxist useful idiot that will go down in history for his traitorous inaction to protect his city. He really let down the citizens who voted for him. If the people don't vote him out then they deserve him!” added another.