George Floyd protests: Will Smith shares black screen, furious fans say 'this isn't enough'

'I lost faith in this guy, he doesn't even think he's black,' wrote an angry fan

                            George Floyd protests: Will Smith shares black screen, furious fans say 'this isn't enough'
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On Blackout Tuesday, many celebrities shared a black image on their Instagram account, as a mark of solidarity for the George Floyd protests that are taking place across the US, right now. While many like John Boyega have been vocal about their fury, some like Will Smith have remained silent. Smith drew the wrath of many fans when he shared the black square on his feed, as they slammed him for not speaking up before. They said that this wasn't enou gh, and referred to his link with Jeffrey Epstein, which had been brought out this week. 

"Really Will? Out of all the shit to post? Who the hell are you worried about getting upset?" an upset fan wrote while another asked, "So you drop this, but don't outrage on George Floyd?!"

"You should be using Instagram to spread the voice, Will. Not just blacking out," posted a follower while another angry user said, "I lost faith in this guy, he doesn't even think he's black." Another asked, "What's the purpose of this post."

Some attacked those for praising him and wrote, "I don't get you all, the man hasn't posted anything since the whole situation started, he posted one thing and now you all are good? I'm disappointed."

"Will, this is the only statement you've made since the protest began. You're my inspiration. I need you. WE NEED YOU. Where are you? Seems like a cop out for you to post a black screen in solidarity and we haven't heard one word from you since this began," another wrote.

"It's sad that you didn't use your platform for any links or donations, but are posting this with nothing added? What is this doing for the movement? What is it doing for your black gollowers? Nothing! You are showing that you care enough. This isn't enough. You have an enormous plaform. Make yourself useful!"

Lately, Will Smith found himself in controversy, after he was linked to Jeffrey Epstein's 'Black Book'. A  group of cyber activists called Anonymous decided to expose some of the crimes that the US has been allegedly hiding. They exposed the relationship of renowned personalities with the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking network. These names included Ivanka and Ivana Trump, Naomi Campbell, Chris Evans (the English TV host, NOT the Marvel actor), Mick Jagger and Will Smith. The list with hundreds of names on it was uploaded through a file on their social networks under the name of "The Little Black Book of Jeffrey Epstein", and in it they revealed all the people who attended parties organized by Jeffrey Epstein, where it is said that he "recruited the children."

In light of this, fans commented on Will Smith's post, demanding an explanation for this, as well. "Are the allegations of sex-trafficking on you real, is that why you have been silent?" a user tweeted while another asked, "Are well just going to ignore that Anonymous tweet?"

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