Roger Stone is a free man: Angry Internet asks ‘will he get Trump's face tattooed below Nixon on his back?’

In an old interview, Stone said he 'admired' Nixon while explaining the tattoo in his back and social media went into frenzy, wondering whether he would now get a POTUS tattoo as well

                            Roger Stone is a free man: Angry Internet asks ‘will he get Trump's face tattooed below Nixon on his back?’
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Ever since Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone's sentence, the Internet has been buzzing with social media users slamming the POTUS for obstructing justice. People were curious to learn more about the man Trump was willing to grant clemency to and they took it upon themselves to dig deeper into the Stone's life and his past, and they were beyond surprised by what they found about Trump's political adviser.

Stone's eccentricities stretch way beyond his round glasses. According to several reports, the firm Republican supporter has a tattoo of President Richard Nixon's face on his back. For many people, Nixon is the epitome of corruption, thanks to his involvement in the Watergate scandal, but for the 67-year-old political consultant, Nixon is nothing short of a hero. In an interview, Stone revealed that he "admired" Nixon for his "resilience". He said, "I admire him (Nixon) for his resilience. It`s an ideological or something." He also added, "It`s the fact that when you come down in life, you get back up," while explaining Nixon's tattoo on his back.

Ever since the Internet stumbled upon this goldmine, they have been wondering if Stone will get Trump's face tattooed too. A user tweeted, "Think Stone will add a tattoo of Trump below Nixon on his back?" Another user wrote, "Now Stone is free to get his tattoo of Trump. Wonder where he'll put it." "How long before Roger Stone gets a tattoo of Donald Trump, & where will it be?" wondered another user.

"So is Roger Stone getting a Trump tattoo or what?," questioned a user. "Anybody want to bet Roger Stone gets a TATTOO of Trump’s face to go with his portrait of Nixon on his back?" joked a user. Another user shared, "Misuse of presidential power. Even Nixon didn’t commute the sentences of his dirtytricksters. Maybe Stone will now add a Trump tattoo." "Since Trump commuted Roger Stone's sentence does that mean Roger Stone will tattoo Trump's face next to his ridiculous Richard Nixon tattoo on his back?," commented a user. 

Some users have even begun speculating on where the tattoo might be placed. A user wrote, "Donald Trump’s lifesized face tattoo on Roger Stone’s chest?" Another user joked, "Stones headed to get that trump Tattoo on his palm."

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