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Will Mamamoo stay united? Hwasa and Wheein yet to decide as Solar, Moonbyul renew contract with RBW Entertainment

Mamamoo’s contract is yet to expire and two of the four K-pop singers have already renewed their contracts with the agency, what about the rest?
UPDATED JAN 22, 2021
Mamamoo (RBW)
Mamamoo (RBW)

Mamamoo’s Hwasa and Wheein are yet to renew their contract with their entertainment agency RBW Entertainment but the company has released a statement stating that Solar and Moonbyul of Mamamoo have already renewed the contract.

According to the K-pop band's agency's statement, Mamamoo’s contract is yet to expire and two of the four K-pop singers have already renewed contracts. To address the rumors regarding Mamamoo’s future endeavors, the agency released a statement saying, “We are discussing the renewal of our contracts with MAMAMOO based on the mutual trust between the agency and the members. There is still time left on the current contract period, but we wanted to give ample time to the members who have trusted in us and been with us for a long time, so we began discussions early.”

Girl group Mamamoo arrives at the M2 X Genie Music Awards on August 01, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.(Getty Images)

They added, “In the meantime, there are many speculative rumors relating to this situation, so we decided to officially disclose the progress. Currently, Solar and Moonbyul have completed their contract renewal based on the trust and expectations they have for us, while we are positively exchanging opinions with Wheein and Hwasa. All of the MAMAMOO members have great pride and affection for the group, so we expect positive results.”


Moonbyul is the second oldest member and fills the position of main rapper and main dancer. Solar is the oldest member, leader and main vocalist of the group. Wheein is the lead vocalist and lead dancer of the group, while Hwasa is also the lead vocalist, lead rapper and maknae of the group.

What are fans saying?

Mamamoo fans believe that the group will stay together no matter what. After the news of ‘positive discussions’ surfaced, Mamamoo fans joined a meme fest to speculate what’s going on with Hwasa and Wheein. A fan said, “Rbw: so are y'all renewing or not moonbyul & solar: sure everyone: silence rbw: so... what abt u two wheein: can we get a pool inside the building hwasa: and a private garden rbw: we're gonna tell the media you're positively discussing!” Another fan posted, “I feel moonbyul renewed bcos solar did, the maknae line are always together if one go I fear the other will follow, rbw better not be stupid and lose them,who tf loses hwasa and wheein, give them whatever the f*ck they want.” Another shared, “I hope they ALL renew... cos i just unboxed my first 2 Mamamoo albums (Reality in Black and Travel) last night!” Another speculated, “Okay no but fr knowing wheein and hwasa it was probably like hwasa going "okay but you have to make better conditions for wheein or im not signing either" and then wheein like "mandatory one week break after every comeback for hyejin or im not signing!"





Mamamoo, deemed as the K-pop queens, debuted in June 2014 with their single ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ known as one of the best debuts of K-pop. Since then, the K-pop girl group has experimented with different genres including R&B, retro, jazz blending seamlessly with K-pop and grown globally with their bold concepts. In 2020, Mamamoo’s popularity is stronger than ever with their tenth EP ‘Travel’ getting recognition worldwide. The title track ‘Dingga’ peaked at number seven on the Gaon Digital Chart, five on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 and eight on the World Digital Songs Sales charts. Mamamoo is also known as the second K-pop group where each K-pop star has a solo song rank on the Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart.

Stream ‘Dingga’ here