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Will Kimberley Guilfoyle replace Meghan McCain? Trump Jr wants girlfriend as ‘The View’ co-host

'LOL, hey @ABC ⁩even I’d tune in to see ⁦@kimguilfoyle ⁩do this,' the oldest son of Donald Trump tweeted
Donald Trump Jr wants to see girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle replace Meghan McCain (Getty Images/ Manny Carabel and Tasos Katopodis)
Donald Trump Jr wants to see girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle replace Meghan McCain (Getty Images/ Manny Carabel and Tasos Katopodis)

Donald Trump Jr was heavily criticized by netizens after he tried to endorse his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle as a replacement for Meghan McCain. This happened after Daily Mail quoted an ABC insider saying, “It's chaos behind the scenes at The View. Joy Behar is openly moaning about Meghan leaving as it's finally hit her that sometimes it is better the devil you know. Joy has only just realized that they could be getting someone much further right on the political spectrum than Meghan who won't put up with her crap.”

The source also said that if the broadcasting company had guts, they'd do a “massive shake up” and employ conservatives, like Kimberly Guilfoyle, Megyn Kelly or Candace Owens to “give the other women a run for their money.” This resulted in the oldest son of Donald Trump tweeting, “LOL, hey @ABC ⁩ even I’d tune in to see @kimguilfoyle do this. Kim vs the other 4 doesn’t seem like a fair fight though. You may need a few more libs.”


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But people seemed not at all happy with his wholehearted endorsement on the social media platform as a critic shared a video of Kimberley dancing on a stage and wrote, “I found Kimberly Guilfoyle’s audition tape. The view will just have to replace Meghan McCain’s chair with a pole.”


Meghan McCain joins host Julie Mason during a SiriusXM event on February 5, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Another tweet said, “Never going to happen. They have a minimum standard that Kim doesn't meet. I'm sure she could find something that airs at 1AM on Cinemax to star in though.” The third one said, “Dude. Get a hobby or better yet a job. Oh, that’s why you want her to get this job. Someone in your family has to work.”



Don Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle stand on stage as they address the Conservative Political Action Conference being held in the Hyatt Regency on February 26, 2021 in Orlando, Florida (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

One user slammed Guilfoyle directly, saying, “Why she would just get fired like at fox for sexual harassment. Besides she doesn't have a TV face.” Another one remarked, “When sibling flips and other writes tell all about daddy having her (or him) bounce on his knee your future will be broke and in prison. Better give it some thought. Prison is going to be like being trapped in a Small room with Kim 24/7. Poverty will mean getting a real job…” A user suggested, “They don’t need any addicts suggesting new people. Ana is the best suggestion."




Meanwhile, the source told The Mail that when Kimberley was working with Fox News, ABC had tried to hire her thrice. They revealed, “[Kimberly] would be great as she would literally prosecute the other members of the panel every day of the week. One of our highest rated episodes ever was when she stopped by the show with Don Jr. Megyn Kelly would also do the same, however her new Sirius deal makes it hard for her to come to us.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle walks on stage before pre-recording her address to the Republican National Convention at the Mellon Auditorium on August 24, 2020 in Washington, DC. The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced the Republican Party to move away from an in-person convention to a televised format, similar to the Democratic Party's convention a week earlier. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The insider added that though guest host Ana Navarro wanted to get a permanent slot on ‘The View’, it’s not going to happen. “Ana Navarro is angry because she desperately wants Meghan's job but she's convinced they're not going to give her a full time seat at the table. Ana doesn't deserve the chair. She is not a Republican in the true sense of the word, all she does is slam people who voted for Trump. We need to hire a Trump Republican to reach more of the available audience at home. Ana is not the person,” they stated.