Will Kim and Kanye's business empires crumble? Internet calls for Skims and Yeezy boycott after Trump's praise

While Skims is Kim's dream venture, Yeezy brand was designed by Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas

                            Will Kim and Kanye's business empires crumble? Internet calls for Skims and Yeezy boycott after Trump's praise
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now one of the most talked-about couples ahead of the 2020 US presidential elections for their alleged support to Republicans. On August 5, POTUS Donald Trump praised Kim Kardashian during a White House press briefing while addressing reports that say Republicans are trying to help Kanye in the election campaign.

During the conference, the president was directly asked about claims that GOP operatives are trying to help the rapper's election bid. Trump replied, "No, not at all. Other than I get along with him very well. I like him.” The president then praised Kim, saying: “I like his wife. His wife recommended certain people — as you know, including Alice Johnson who’s a remarkable woman — but his wife recommended certain people to get out of prison.” He further said that Kim has “got a good heart, very good heart. And I like Kanye very much".

The above praises by Trump can be contextualized in wake of several reports like that of The New York Times that say Republican activists in at least “half a dozen states” are deeply involved in the effort to get Kanye West’s name before voters. CNN News too reported that Republicans are pushing for Kanye’s addition to the ballots as a way to potentially siphon voters from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. 

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Since the news of Kanye being helped by Republicans has been out, people have been thrashing Kim and Kanye for their support to Trump’s regime. They have threatened to boycott Kim Kardashian’s products that sell for millions. “If Kanye's wife Km really cared, she'd stop this but I guess she's looking at it as any press is better than no press instead. So I've made the decision to not have anything to do w/any Kardashian or West products EVER. Kim is too stupid to realize Trump uses ppl & spits them out,” tweeted an enraged user.


Another user tweeted addressing Kanye, “If you are the reason Trump gets another 4 years, I hope people would boycott your products for the rest of your life. Kim's too... since she actually retweeted your presidential announcement, clearly being complicit in your fuckery!!!”


People on the internet are totally infuriated and believe that “Kanye for President helps trump”. A user tweeted, “Ever consider what your husbands bid for the presidency will do for Your brand? Everyone needs to Boycott all products coming from these people! We all know Kanye for President helps trump! That makes you Kim, complicit! #boycottKardashians”. Some feel that the duo is cashing on negative publicity so they get more attention. “I think they are copying the Kanye/Kim/Trump style of marketing where negative attention is still attention and they are able to stay ' relevant' and continue to sell their products that way,” tweeted another user.



Kim Kardashian has largely focussed on her business in recent years. She founded KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance in 2017 that sells Skin products like powder, powder body brush, loofah and travel sizes of best-selling body makeup. In 2019 she launched Skims which is perceived as “Kim’s answer to shapewear that actually works”.

 In recent years, she has become politically active by lobbying with Trump for prison reform and lobbying for Alice Marie Johnson to be granted clemency. 

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Kim often posts about her skincare and innerwear products on social media. Recently, she drew flak for her tweets where people appealed to other users not to buy her “merchandise”. “Coming Soon: @SKIMS Stretch Rib. The sporty, ribbed styles you love are coming back soon, this time in soft Rose Clay — a limited edition color made for summer. Available on Wednesday, 08.05 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET in sizes XXS - 5X. Join the waitlist now at http://SKIMS.COM”, Kim had posted.


“@kanyewest Please don’t buy any of Kim’s or Kanye’s merchandise.  They are just trying to get their buddy Trump elected!!!!  #SayNoToKimKayne”, tweeted a user in response.


Another user tweeted, calling for a boycott of Kim’s product chain saying that their conduct “attacks” Joe Biden and supports Trump. People resented Kim's behavior and rather expected her to help her husband cope with mental sickness. Others too feel that “Kim should stop posing nearly naked for money”. They believe that she must attend to her husband's obvious “mental manic illness”.

“Kim should stop posing nearly naked for money and actually deal with her husband's obvious mental manic illness. Boycott all Yeezy products. Kayne is trying to sway voters to leave Biden and support Trump. Boycott Yeezy brand & show him we're not amused,” tweeted a user.


Yeezy brand is designed by Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas and has a worth of nearly $3 billion.“We're boycotting all Yeezy brands due to him attacking Joe Biden and supporting Trump. He's even attacking Tubman. Boycott all Yeezy products and Kardashian brands. We don't want another crazy man and porn ho in our WH. If Kim was a good wife, she'd get Kayne help as he's sick,” tweeted a user.


What started as a political engagement with elections for Kim and Kanye has resulted badly for their business. For this, Kim is being highly criticized and called a “hypocrite”. “If you don’t stop this madness your empire is gonna crumble your husband is on the ballots to help trump take away votes from Biden — you all condone Trump's racist inhumane actions I hear a boycott is coming for every product Kanye and you endorse or make — your (sic) a hypocrite,” a furious user tweeted.


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