Will Donald Trump return to TV with 'The Apprentice' reboot? Internet says 'NBC better not start that s**t again'

Sources said that the president has stated things like: 'How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?' and 'Remember The Apprentice?'

                            Will Donald Trump return to TV with 'The Apprentice' reboot? Internet says 'NBC better not start that s**t again'
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President Donald Trump has refused to publicly concede the 2020 election. However, the reality that President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, forcing Trump to vacate the White House, might be dawning on POTUS as he is reportedly mulling over the possibility of returning to television via a reboot of his once-popular reality show, 'The Apprentice'.

Two people with knowledge of the situation and another person close to the president told The Daily Beast that the president has stated things like: "How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?" and "Remember The Apprentice?" He has also reportedly bragged about how the show once drew great ratings for him and creator Mark Burnett, and a reboot could easily be made if he wanted. However, whether a network would pick up the show is another matter altogether. 'The Apprentice' aired formerly on NBC but whether the network would express interest in a reboot of the show is to be seen, especially in a post-President Trump era.

According to a person familiar with Burnett's thinking, "Mark’s an opportunist. Trump was his meal ticket before and he’s keen to bring the show back to life especially in the face of the disaster MGM has become." It is unclear if Trump and Burnett have made contact this month regarding this matter but there have been rumors of Burnett telling his associates how a revived Apprentice could be a potential money-spinner. But a spokesperson for Burnett, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Daily Beast via email, “NOT TRUE zero discussions about TV."

Some of the president's close allies have assured him that his television career could be revived after he left office as he still had a place in the entertainment industry. 

"I received a call from President Trump last week. We chatted about the election briefly (and) he made it clear that he wasn’t giving up on fighting for a second term," said Eric Bolling, a Sinclair host and friend of the Trump family who appeared on Trump’s reality TV show years ago. "I mentioned to him that I believe whatever happens with the legal fights, he would emerge as the biggest media personality on the planet. Trump has a clear opportunity to be a media mega-personality post-presidency. I think an Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice revival would be a humongous hit. This iteration would be ratings gold for whomever is fortunate enough to get the reboot."

People on social media, however, were set against the idea of 'The Apprentice' being rebooted. "Any network that decides to carry this fecal stain of a nutsack will get boycotted out of business," one of them said while another wrote, "Did trump hire or appoint anyone who was any good or honest? I hated him on Apprentice - thought his decisions were all crap (generalising) - which matches his time in office #uselessthelotofthem."

A third commented, "The Apprentice, but the next GOP candidate. Nikki Haley and Rubio on one team and Pence and Pompeo on another. Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Guiliani as Trump’s sidekicks. The big final is organising a press conference at the Four Seasons for committee delegates." One more noted, "I’m positive that 'The Apprentice: Leavenworth' would be a smash hit." The next quipped, "My God his lack of maturity (among many other things lacking) is astounding." Another remarked, "God, no. That show was an embarrassment to real businesses."

One more user said, "He really doesn’t get that he can’t go back..." A commenter tweeted, "NBC better not prop that at s**t up again!" One of them said, "Can you broadcast from prison? Just wondering." Another wrote, "Still looking for that Emmy!" The next reacted with, "The Apprentice: ADX Florence Edition." One more pointed out, "O. M. G. I guess he thinks it will keep him in the public eye till 2024." Another said, "I want to believe that there is no way that they can resurrect the Apprentice from the grave, but after watching the awful things that have happened in the past 4 years.. they will put it on TV and the Trump* supporters will eat it up."














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