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Is Netflix about to be 'cancelled'? Streamer triggers social media storm over 'Black Lives Matter' tweet

The tweet hasn’t served its users quite well who are flooding the platform with comments asking Netflix to refrain from showcasing racism through its films, shows and choice of cast
UPDATED MAY 31, 2020

Providing its opinion about the highly-controversial issue of racism and commenting on the death of Geroge Floyd, who became a victim of police brutality, streaming platform Netflix today through their official Twitter account shared a post which has led to a debate among its users. 

Netflix wrote, "To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter. We have a platform, and we have a duty to our Black members, employees, creators and talent to speak up." However, the tweet hasn’t served its users quite well, who are flooding the platform with comments and posts asking Netflix to refrain from showcasing racism through its films, shows and choice of cast. 

"Your done! Just cancelled!” wrote one. "Seriously?? I am already looking for options to cancel Netflix." said a user. A few, furious over the post, have established they wouldn’t continue using Netflix’s service anymore saying the latest tweet is far from being sensitive towards the issue of discrimination, owing to its choice of actors and show creators. 

While one user wrote, "Run more Black shows. Hire more Black writers. More Black directors, choreographers, camera crews, set designers. Help flip the cultural switch so Black is no longer Other, so that even the most sheltered white kid can no longer be ignorant of Black loves, laughs, lore, and lives", Another added, "Put dark-skinned girls and women on your shows. Pay your Black creators. Hire more Black creatives. Make commitments in addition to this tweet. It's imperative.

Meanwhile, some have noted that Netflix could rather help curb the issue by resorting to other means than simply sharing a tweet. "ngl what would giving money do? i dont think it would change the mindsets of racist people. maybe help with the aftermath of things but??" asked one. Another added, "Donate 10K to each one of these, then Ill take this statement more seriously."

The streaming network is also being called out for propagating racism through its tweet rather than putting an end to it. A supporter of 'All Lives Matter' wrote, "All lives matter. Rioting as a way to fight hate with hate, it only fuels the fire of bigotry. And to endorse violence by standing hand in hand with domestic terrorists, makes YOU the problem, Netflix."