Will BTS attend 2022 Fact Music Awards in October? Confused fans say 'let's hope'

Will BTS attend 2022 Fact Music Awards in October? Confused fans say 'let's hope'
Fans are confused as news about BTS attending the '2022 The Fact Music Awards' in October this year spreads on Twitter (HYBE Labels)

Being the biggest boy band in the world comes with its repercussions and in the case of BTS, it is often true that their name is used to promote events that they were once a part of. On July 5, the Korean awards ceremony, The Fact Music Awards (TMA), announced that they are soon going to return with an in-person event for the first time in three years. The award ceremony and music festival is one that both K-pop artists and fans create together and it was revealed that fans will be able to participate in the event alongside idols in the next 100 days.

While talking about the overall success of the show the makers of the event revealed that this year ‘The 2022 Fact Music Awards’ will be held on October 8 at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) in Seoul, South Korea, and mentioned the name of BTS as one of their guests. Fans who read the news soon could not contain themselves as this meant that BTS' group hiatus news was not really a hiatus anymore. Soon Twitter users started claiming that BTS will be getting together this October to attend the award show and fans had lost their calm but it turns out no one was reading between the lines.


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BTS last attended the '2021 The Fact Music Awards' but the event was held online due to the pandemic (BTS/www.weverse.com)


Will BTS attend the 2022 TMA?

In the original article, the makers of the show used the name BTS to promote the event by saying, "The Fact Music Awards' captured the attention of global fans by presenting a different stage, bringing together top artists including BTS." They then added, "The 2022 Fact Music Awards' is also raising expectations with many fan-participating events with only 100 days left." This meant that the makers of the show were only stating that over the years, they have hosted the event in the presence of many top K-pop acts, one of which has been BTS.

Since there is no revelation about who the acts that will attend the '2022 The Fact Music Awards' are, it is highly unlikely that BTS will be present at the event. However, BTS fans have directed their attention to voting for the boy group at the award show until more details about the lineup of the award show is revealed. BTS recently released their first anthology album, 'Proof' with chart-topping, and record-breaking new singles like, 'Yet To Come', 'For Youth', and 'Run BTS'. Soon after the release of the album, BTS announced their group hiatus with the aim to focus on their solo careers. 


'The sentence is written in past tense'

Fans are sure that BTS would be attending the show despite now confirmation from official sources as they are pushing each other to vote for the boy group in order to win them an award at the event. One fan said, "An article confirmed that Bangtan will be attending the 2022 Fact Music Award, so lets make sure to widen the gap and secure the #1 spot we can all do this beautiful ARMYs lets go!!" One more fan said, "ITS CONFIRMED BTS WILL ATTEND THE FACT MUSIC AWARD 2022." Another fan said, "BTS IS CONFIRMED TO ATTEND THE FACT MUSIC AWARD 2022!" One fan claimed, "OMGGG THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS 2022 CONFIRMED THAT @BTS_twt WILL ATTEND THE AWARD SHOW!! OMGG I'M SOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED!! ARMY LETS VOTE HARDER AND HARDER!!!"

Another fan said, "Omg bts are confirmed to attend the fact music award 2022 please i'm gonna cry we will see them together!" One fan said, "Don't wanna get my hopes up about the news that they will attend tma, but let's pray they will." But one fan clarified, "I think this sentence was written in past tense. "The FMA captured attention of global fans by having groups such as BTS there." Then they go on to talk about 2022. I don't think they are saying our guys will be there. They may be. But that sentence is definitely past tense." One hopeful fan said, "The sentence may be past tense but we’ve been getting beautiful photo books from the Fact Awards for the past few years. If they do attend any award shows this year the TFMA may be one of the likely ones. We won’t know until it’s confirmed but in any case keep voting Army!!!!" 











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