'Wild 'n Out': New video shows why Azealia Banks publicly slammed the show

Azealia Banks slammed Nick Cannon and his MTV series 'Wild 'n Out' last month for shaming her complexion

                            'Wild 'n Out': New video shows why Azealia Banks publicly slammed the show

The footage from the controversial episode of MTV's 'Wild 'n Out' that caused Azealia Banks to publicly criticize the show has now surfaced. The clip shows the joke that sparked a racially-charged and homophobic outburst by Azealia Banks on the show last month.

The rapper, who often courts controversy, lashed out on social media after the MTV series co-host DC Young Fly made what she called 'anti-black' jokes in his raps.

In the video, shared by TMZ, DC Young Fly calls Banks "ugly" during a round of the show's 'So Petty' segment. 'So Petty' revolves around each participant telling the crowd why someone is "so petty," at which point the audience responds with "How petty?" in unison. "My boy Nick Cannon is so petty," DC says in the clip, "he couldn't get Cardi B so he got Azealia's ugly ass."

The crowd gasps and claps and, after the chatter subsides, Banks questions the nature of the joke. "Sorry, can I just say, that was very anti-black," she tells DC. "I didn't think that was funny." The joke being "anti-black" referred to suggest that the light-skinned Afro-Latina Cardi was better looking than 'ugly' Azealia.

This rap battle was filmed in July, after which the star, who is known for her brash internet tactics, took to social media to skewer the former Vine star in a racially-charged and homophobic post.

"I did Wildin' out today. There were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes and, of course, cry baby cried," she wrote. Previously, DC claimed a joke about braces caused Banks to cry during the shoot. Banks, however, said she was invited to the show only to perform. 

"Some little scrawny black Atlanta t***k was prepared for me. They planned this — hit me on short notice, told me I didn't have to participate in the coon a** freestyle battles, (not my style) and I was to sing my song and go home."

She wrote; "If I were to make fun of Nick Cannon [sic] for having lupus and being weak and sickly... If I made a joke that said he'd be dead by the end of the year... Then Azealia Banks is the bad guy... Right?"

Host Nick Cannon later responded to Banks' criticism, alleging she created her "own storms." He posted a screenshot of her story and captioned; "Don't you hate when you create your own storms but forget your umbrella??? @azealiabanks We are praying for you Queen. #speedyrecovery #Healing. She #Wildnout for real. #Karma."

Meanwhile, Banks continued to take digs at the show via her Instagram stories.