Who is Wilbur Soot? Youtuber makes sly Jason Derulo reference in satirical song 'Your New Boyfriend'

The English YouTuber trended after he released his new song 'Your New Boyfriend', which is being hailed as a 'bisexual anthem' for its not-so-subtle nod to Jason Derulo

                            Who is Wilbur Soot? Youtuber makes sly Jason Derulo reference in satirical song 'Your New Boyfriend'
Jason Derulo (Getty Images)

Wilbur Soot is best known for being a Minecraft enthusiast and for his Youtube channel where he releases gaming videos and music-related content. The English YouTuber trended after he released his new song 'Your New Boyfriend' on his channel. The song is being hailed as a "bisexual anthem" for its sly Jason Derulo reference that mashes several Internet, music and pop culture Easter eggs into one satisfying viral phenomenon. 

Tweeting about the video, Soot wrote: "watch/listen with your eyes/ears", hoping fans would pick up on the reference. 


The music video features Wilbur Soot in an office environment as he carps about his girl crush's "new boyfriend" Jared, who he calls an "arsehole" and who he tries to compete with. He sings, "he's in your bed, but I'm on your Twitch chat. I've got the key and he's just a doormat".

But as he goes on to sings about Jared's "jawline, shoulders and muscles" and about how he's "thought about what he looks like nude", the song makes you wonder if the singer hates Jared or has a crush on him too.

Soot then uses the line "I'm not gay, though" satirically, pointedly looking at the camera, Jim Halpert-style. Soon after that, at the 3:41 mark of the music video Soot whispers "Jason Derulo" — the name of the singer-songwriter. Why Jason Derulo though?

The reason is three-fold. One, queer teens are using the line "This girl straight, this girl not” from Jason Derulo's song 'Get Ugly' to come out to family and friends on TikTok. Derulo’s voice intones these lyrics in clips where teenagers first point to someone else and then to themselves, repurposing the vaguely fetishizing lyrics into a way to identify as queer.

Two, Jason Derulo himself whispers his name in many of his songs, which has now become his signature pop culture calling card. And three, this habit of Derulo's was satirized by comedian Bo Burnham in his own song 'Repeat Stuff', which was a highly ironic musical takedown of shallow and commercialized love songs and pop acts like Justin Bieber and One Direction.

In 'Repeat Stuff', Burnham also whispers “Jason Derulo” to refer to the singer's style and criticize the generic music he creates. By whispering "Jason Derulo" in his song after going on about his love rival, Wilbur Soot is not only referencing the TikTok "coming out" trend but also playing tribute to Bo Burnham's style of satirical musical comedy.

Soot, whose real name is Will Gold, has released comedic songs before this, including 'I'm in Love with an E-Girl' and 'Internet Ruined Me', which are again heavy on pop culture references. In the 'Your New Boyfriend' video, there are other pop culture easter eggs too like the "sad anime boy" as the email icon of "Lonely Boy", the office worker.

One fan said: "Did you guys hear the new bi-anthem", while another listener commented: "The bisexuals have claimed your new boyfriend okay". Another user was wonderstruck that Wilbur Soot and Jason Derulo was trending because of the viral song and video" :Wilbur Soor and Jason Derulo is trending thanks to your new boyfriend... we really got Jason Derulo trending cause of Wilbur."






The viral music video and song had 529,679 views in just over two hours after it premiered on his channel and was trending in the US, along with 'Your New Boyfriend' and 'Jason Derulo'. Check it out below.



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