Wife of cheating husband pours hot chili sauce on lover's vagina and shaves her head

The judge presiding over the case said the "frightening and insulting" way the wife dealt with her husband's mistress was "just absurd in Dutch society"

                            Wife of cheating husband pours hot chili sauce on lover's vagina and shaves her head
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After discovering that her husband was cheating on her, a vengeful wife lured the mistress into a trap, where she smeared her vagina with hot chili sauce, beat her up and shaved her head.

The wife, now identified by her first name Halima, has been sentenced to 160 days in prison after she was found guilty of the attack. She hails from the town of Zundert in southern Netherlands.

Along with her prison sentence, Halima has to pay $8,131 to the victim in damages, carry out 120 hours of community service, and visit a psychologist for her actions.

Halima reportedly tortured the victim in a "frightening and insulting" way which is "just absurd in Dutch society", according to the judge presiding over her case.

She allegedly poured "sambal" -- an Indonesian sauce typically made from a variety of chili peppers which is known for its hotness -- on the victim's vagina.

To make things worse, her husband had been cheating on her with one of her friends, it was revealed.

Halima wanted to confront the woman after reading her husband's conversations with her on his phone.

She lured her husband's lover to her house with the help of a neighbor, where they tied her up.

The enraged wife then began the torture - she smeared hot sauce in the woman's vagina, shaved off her hair and beat her up.

However, in court, Halima said she would give her husband a second chance "as my mother suggested I should do".

She added: "I wanted a divorce, but I became pregnant unexpectedly. My children are still young.

"I have forgiven him, but I have not forgotten."

As of now, it is unclear when exactly she became pregnant.

On the other hand, the neighbor who helped Halima was sentenced to three months in prison last month for being an accomplice during the attack without a direct motive.

Last month, it was reported that a wife discovered her husband cheating on her with another woman when she saw the zits on his back were burst.

The woman, who hails from Erzincan, Turkey, and has not been identified, though she was happily married for over two years.

Her suspicions arose when she noticed the spots on her husband's back had already been squeezed when he was changing his clothes, according to 37-year-old Tolga Aydemir, the woman's lawyer.

The husband changed the subject as soon as she confronted him about the popped zits.

However, the wife decided to play smart and not push the issue. She would go through his messages when he slept off.

To her dismay, she was right. She found WhatsApp messages from her husband's lover, which even mentioned the pimple-popping incident.

Tolga said: “At first it seemed strange to me, but then the woman showed me the WhatsApp conversation.

“He was actually saying to his girlfriend that his wife had started to suspect him because of his acne.

"I’ve looked at many divorce cases before, but this is the first time I see something like that. Sherlock Holmes was only a little bit better than this woman.”

Earlier this month, Bark.com partnered with its onsite private investigators to devise a guide to help suspicious partners to determine if their better halves were cheating on them.

How to tell

According to the guide, cheaters would be markedly protective of their phone, email, or social media accounts. It shows that they have something to hide.

Specifically, if you see your partner always take their phone to the bathroom, keep it face down, keep it permanently on silent, or take calls in a different room, it indicates there is something fishy.

Communication breakdown

If your partner stops sharing the little things, such as what happened in their day, etc. or refuses to discuss the future, your suspicion is warranted.

New apparel

If it is unusual for your partner to purchase new clothes or underwear, it may be construed as making more of an effort to impress someone else outside the relationship.

Personality change

According to Bark.com, a change in personality is a massive sign of infidelity. One could find their partner to be more argumentative, less affectionate, or more secretive in their behavior.

The change could be the influence of the person they're cheating with or a direct result of guilt.

Increase in exercise

Another indicator of cheating is if they suddenly join a gym without prior discussion or increase the number of times they workout.

While taking more pride in one's appearance is a valid thing, if there is a significant shift it could mean they have someone other than you or themselves to impress.

Absconding from family events

This simply shows that the partner doesn't intend to be around family. It could be a result of them feeling guilty, not caring anymore, or not seeing a foreseeable future with you and thus not worth it.