Why is 'B Positive' not airing this week? Here's what can we expect from CBS series when it returns in January

'B Positive' will return in 2021 with new episodes and will see all of the main characters face unique romantic problems

                            Why is 'B Positive' not airing this week? Here's what can we expect from CBS series when it returns in January

It turns out that even those with failing kidneys need to take a little time away for the holidays. Chuck Lorre's 'B Positive' is taking a break for the winter and will return with new episodes in 2021, starting with Episode 6 - 'Open Heart Surgery' on January 7.

In the last episode of 'B Positive', we saw Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) nearly give Drew (Thomas Middleditch) a heart attack with her reckless ways. After a talking down from Drew's ex-wife, Julia (Sarah Rue), Gina agreed to take better care of herself, at least until she was able to have the kidney transplant surgery that would save Drew's life. That episode, which aired on December 17, was actually the season's fourth episode with the season's fifth episode airing earlier on December 3, for reasons unknown. The switch up for the episode order is unexplained and a little baffling, because it ended up on one hell of a cliffhanger that would have been perfect for the winter break.

In that episode, Drew goes to Julia's house to steal a ceramic owl while high on weed (it's a long story), and the two end up sleeping together despite their divorce. While they both agree that that was a one-time thing, the final scene of the episode show's them in bed together again. The couple apparently just can't keep their hands off of each other. The pair's secret romance will no doubt be a major factor in the series going forward, especially if the two are keeping it a secret to avoid confusing their daughter.

However, it's not just Julia and Drew who will be facing relationship troubles. Gina has some problems of her own after she hears that one of her exes has gotten engaged. The news couldn't have come at a worse time; news like that always tends to send someone on a bit of a spiral, especially if things didn't end well, but Gina's going to need all her emotions kept under control as she has to pass a psyche evaluation. Fortunately for her, Drew's a therapist and can help her in her hour of need.

'B Positive' returns with new episodes on January 7, 2021 at 8.30 pm ET, on CBS.

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