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Why did Home Town's Erin Napier blast her fans on social media? Here's why she took down her child's photo

The recent picture she posted of her daughter, Helen, drew some rather nasty and cruel comments that left the HGTV hostess fuming at her fans and followers
Erin Napier (Getty Images)
Erin Napier (Getty Images)

HGTV's popular hostess Erin Napier is known for her chirpy and cheerful personality. The creative designer can often be seen helping the residents of Laurel, Mississippi, to transform their homes into beautiful, dreamy abodes. Aside from helping with the renovation and transformation of homes with her husband, Ben Napier, the designer is also very regular and consistent with her social media presence. Erin frequently gives her fans and followers regular updates about her quaint life in Laurel, the couple's upcoming projects, and also snippets of their personal life. Considering, the couple landed the show, thanks to her Instagram posts, it should come as no surprise to anybody that social media holds a special place in Erin's heart. 

Unfortunately, while the internet can be a great space to showcase your work and share your passion with the world, it can also sometimes become a dark and toxic space, where occasionally strangers can make some rather rude and unsolicited comments. Although most of Erin's social media posts and pictures are well received by her fans, the recent picture she posted of her daughter, Helen, drew some rather nasty and cruel comments that left the HGTV hostess fuming at her fans and followers. 

Erin Napier (HGTV)

Erin rarely posts pictures of her daughter for privacy reasons. So, when she posted a picture of the back of her little girl's head, her followers and fans seem to have gotten a bit too carried away and made some unpleasant comments about the little girl and her hair. Erin quickly pulled down the picture and later blasted her fans for the unsavory comments.

She wrote, "I think there is a fine line between privacy and helping others by being vulnerable about some aspects of your life when you’re in the spotlight. But tonight, because of this job we have, after posting a photo of the back of my daughter’s head (why do we never show her face? for her privacy and because of vicious strangers who lurk and comment or could seek her out) there were cruel comments within moments. About a three year old child’s hair..."

The star also added, "And I immediately took it down to be a good steward of my baby’s image and protector of my heart. Those comments and the people who make them are not welcome here. Full stop. If you feel you may be a person capable of communicating this way, please see yourself away from my account or I’ll be glad to help you do that." Going by the response that her fans and followers have given to Helen's picture, it might be safe to assume that we won't be seeing anymore pictures of the toddler anytime soon. 

'Home Town' Season 5 premieres on Sunday, January 3, at 8/7c only on HGTV.