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Why does K-pop icon BoA get hate for judging 'Street Man Fighter'? Fans say she's 'biased'

Prime Kingz, one of the leading international dance crews gets eliminated on the show which has viewers sending hate to the judges
UPDATED SEP 21, 2022
BoA returns as judge for 'Street Man Fighter' after its female counterpart (@boakwon/Instagram)
BoA returns as judge for 'Street Man Fighter' after its female counterpart (@boakwon/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: 'Street Man Fighter' has not been going as smoothly as its first edition where 'Street Woman Fighter' was an instant success. The dance crew survival show sequel has been in the limelight for several problematic inicdents from the producer putting down the female participants to the male dancers allegedly plagiarizing or making fun of NewJeans. And now, BoA is once again under fire for her biased judging.

Since 'Street Woman Fighter', fans have been unhappy that idols are being brought on as judges instead of professional dancers. This was evident when BoA and NCT's Taeyong judged 'Street Woman Fighter' depending on what they liked and even claimed they did not know much about the various dancing genres that the dancers specialized in. And the same goes for 'Street Man Fighter' where BoA returned as a judge along with 2PM's Wooyoung and Super Junior's Eunhyuk. While BoA is a K-pop icon who was partly responsible for the Hallyu Wave and is even looked up to by professional dancers, her biased judgement in the latest episode led to many sending her hate.


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BoA's judging has fans unhappy

A 'Street Man Fighter' viewer made a post on the Korean gossip chat forum Pann where they said that BoA's biased judging during the leaders' battle had led to Prime Kingz getting unfairly eliminated. In the first battle, Prime Kingz's TRIX had won but BoA asked for a rematch. On top of it, BoA's attitude had viewers annoyed.

During 'Street Woman Fighter', she would constantly joke about getting scared when the dancers would battle. Similarly, while the male dancers were battling, their fierce krump moves had BoA saying TRIX was scary and she thought he would hit her or the participant that put off fans. Fans also wondered if the three idol judges simply asked for a rematch because they wanted to see more of the battle despite round 1 having a clear winner.

'Freaking ridiculous'

Angry Knetz left comments like, "They were doing a battle and seeing her going "so scary~" is freaking ridiculous." Another added, "At this rate, the participants also know that the judges are just assh*les so they are just keeping it hush hush... TRIX seriously looked so discontent by the injustice." One Knetz wrote, "I was really wondering what she was talking about when she said that she was scaredㅋㅋㅋ They are doing a dance battle and she's scared...? If she's scared, then she should just stay home, please."

A fan joked, "Bring Prime Kingz back and eliminate the judges." One user shared, "She been ignorance since swf....She is frog in the well Always judging by something absurd like aura and force And facial expresion like its not acting competition." Another fan commented, "If all she can say about krumping is that it’s scary she’s not qualified to judge." One fan observed, "She was not objective in the SWF too, so I am not surprised. Being a judge of an idol show seems like a better fit for her." Another tweeted, "Tbh i m so with boa judgement…. She was obviously biased…"





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