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Why did xQc bash 'garbage' streamers in Rust at Twitch Rivals?

Why did xQc end the live stream? What happened in rust server?
UPDATED MAY 20, 2023
xQc bashes at his fellow streamers (xQc/Instagram)
xQc bashes at his fellow streamers (xQc/Instagram)

Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc accused his fellow streamers for stream-sniping, called them “garbage” and ended the live stream right away. The incident occurred during a heated Rust match, where tensions were already running high.

Rust server is a multiplayer survival game that pits players against each other in a post-apocalyptic world. Rust gathers a bunch of streamers together. The Twitch Rivals event added a competitive twist, drawing in the top streamers from the gaming community. The event boasted a significant prize pool and attracted thousands of viewers eager to see their favorite streamers battle it out. 


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'Your streamer is a f**king dogs s**t”

xQc's experience turned sour when he believed he was being targeted by other players who were watching his livestream and using that information to their advantage. Stream sniping is the act of intentionally watching a streamer's live broadcast to gain an unfair advantage by tracking their in-game movements or actions. With this advantage viewers or fellow streamers can use the other streamer’s live against them. 


This is what exactly happened to xQc during his recent live stream, when he believed that his live stream and squad got stream-snipped by fellow streamers, he vented his frustration and started to express his anger on the streamers in the rust server. xQc claimed, “When that shit doesn’t happen on a content server, it’s just trash. Everybody can go on a server and ghost somebodies stream and rush through all their bases and it just makes the whole event boring as f*ck.” Then xQc decided to end his stream, before ending the stream he bashed at the streamers, “Your streamer is a f**king dogs s**t it piece of trash, and they are absolute garbage at their job.”

'Best ending so far”

After xQc shared his ending clip on YouTube, his fans started to fill the comment section.

One of the fans wrote, “Those sweatlords goes to make 24 pages why their them is not op enough to stomp the tournament and also goes on ffa servers to practice rust aim 💀💀💀” I Another wrote, “mean, you can't blame them really... you sniped in rivals too 🤣” One YouTube user wrote, Hey,wouldn't be a twitch rivals without stream sniping right? 😂” Another YouTube user wrote, “ Best ending so far” Another wrote, “He's down bad after throwing scrap tens of thousands".

(xQc clips/Youtube)
(xQc clips/Youtube)

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