Why did 'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 9 and 10 not air? Here's when Kim Se-jeong's OCN drama will return

'The Uncanny Counter' episode 9 and 10 did not air this weekend, but instead special episodes of the cast celebrating Christmas and making of videos were broadcast

                            Why did 'The Uncanny Counter' Episode 9 and 10 not air? Here's when Kim Se-jeong's OCN drama will return

'The Uncanny Counter' episodes 9 and 10 did not air on OCN as scheduled, leaving fans disappointed. The show centers on a team of grim reapers -- So-moon, Mo-tak, Ha-na, and Ms. Chu -- who hunt down evil spirits. Over the last eight episodes, we saw how So-moon learned to become a grim reaper and cured his injury, while also having found out the real reason as to who killed his parents and why. Fans learned that the new episodes would not be airing on the day of the broadcast and took to the Mydramalist discussion page to comment how much they would be missing the episodes. 

"WHAT no ep this weekend, how will I cope!!" wrote one surprised fan while another explained, "It's holiday season dudes, releasing this week will badly affect their current rating." However, none of the other networks such as JTBC or tvN, which happens to be OCN's sister network, went on a break. 'Mr Queen', tvN's weekend drama, aired as planned and so did JTBC's 'Hush'. One fan explained the same and also observed, "This year, in particular, the only reason to really delay would be them reworking something/not having the episodes fully polished and ready to go or knowing they WILL BE behind soon because some had to quarantine, etc. It's wiser to delay some mid-show eps than to either rush to get something churned out faster than normal, possibly without the presence of key cast."

Others also wrote about how difficult it would be to wait another week and one of them wrote, "I was thrilled when I remembered it's Saturday today, which means a new episode of this amazing drama. Now that I checked the airing schedule, I'm so bummed that there's no episode today and tomorrow. :( I can't remember the last drama that made me so excited to watch." 


Unlike 'Sweet Home' or 'True Beauty', there is no official translation available for the webcomic version of this show titled 'Kyeongirowoon Somoon'. While the English translation has led many to name the show as 'The Amazing Rumor', we believe that the comic referred to the lead character So-moon in the title. While fans waited for the episode, OCN did release a look at the recording of 'The Uncanny Counter's original MC by one of its lead cast members, Kim Se-jeong, who is most popular for her role in 'School 2013'. According to Netflix, the streaming giant that distributed the show in the US, the next episode is slated to release on January 2. Until then, fans can enjoy the 'making of' videos of the show and the MV. 

'The Uncanny Counter' based on webcomic 'Kyeongirowoon Somoon' aka 'The Amazing Rumor' airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 10 pm KST on OCN and can be streamed on Netflix 

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