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'Boring old boomer': Dave Chappelle slammed for killing affordable housing in Yellow Springs

Comedian was filmed arguing against the housing project at a public hearing and threatened to pull investments leading to vote against the scheme
UPDATED FEB 10, 2022
Comedian Dave Chappell in his 2017 Netflix special 'The Age of Spin' (IMDb)
Comedian Dave Chappell in his 2017 Netflix special 'The Age of Spin' (IMDb)

Affordable housing won't be coming to the Ohio village of Yellow Springs, thanks to comedian Dave Chappell. On February 8, a video emerged from a public hearing where the comedian argued against the project, which led the council to vote against it while allowing the development of single-family homes to go ahead. The lack of support for affordable housing has led the Internet to angrily slam Chappell as "a boring old boomer" among other names.

The timing isn't great for Chappell, since he's already under fire for trans jokes he made during his Netflix special 'The Closer'. Things got so bad that Chappell's alma mater had to cancel a fundraiser with him in November 2021, after students threatened to walk out. He however found support from other controversial figures, including Joe Rogan and former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. 


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Needless to say, that hasn't done much to redeem the comedian, who doesn't seem too bothered by the criticism. He appears to have adopted the same approach to his latest controversy - blocking affordable housing. Despite widespread criticism, Chappell hasn't reacted after users slammed him for arguing against affordable housing in his hometown of Yellow Springs. 

Dave Chappell in a screenshot from the Village of Yellow Springs council meeting. (Twitter)

'I will take it all off the table'

According to reports, the public hearing was held to decide the fate of a new housing project that would have added 64 single-family homes, 52 duplexes, and 24 townhomes. In addition, 1.75 acres would be donated for affordable housing to be built at a later date. The single-family homes, being built by Oberer Homes will start at $300,000, according to documents. The community seemed to have no issues with that project, but firmly opposed the addition of affordable housing. 

Daytona Daily News reported "multiple Yellow Springers lobbied against the project," and perhaps no one more vocally than Chappell. He can be heard threatening to yank his proposed restaurant (Firehouse Eatery) and comedy club (Live from YS) if the project was approved. "I am not bluffing. I will take it off the table," he said. The two projects are reportedly worth $65 million. "You look like clowns," slammed Chappell to applause from the crowd.


This is not the first time Chappell has come out against the affordable housing project. The Daytona Daily News reported in December 2021 during another hearing on the matter, Chappell said, "If you push this thing through, what I’m investing in is no longer applicable." His February comments seemed aligned with that, which led the village council to ultimately cancel the affordable housing component but greenlight the single-family homes in a 2-2 vote.

'He’s just another rich piece of s--t'

"Did not have "Dave Chappelle NIMBY's affordable housing" on my 2022 BINGO card, but I also can't say I'm that surprised." Another person tweeted, "His positions on trans issues and now housing make it clear that, above all else, Dave Chappelle is a boring old boomer." One user said, "Dave chappelle being a freak loser on a local level. and they say triple threats dont exist anymore."




"Dave Chappelle is a great example of how transphobia is indicative of being a general scumbag he just got the town he lives in to kill an affordable housing project, and threatened to pull all of his local investment--millions of dollars--if he didn't get his way," one person said. Another slammed, "A comedian’s job is to prevent affordable housing, apparently. Dave Chappelle isn’t a comedy hero, he’s just another rich piece of s--t." One user joked, "Wait wait wait is Dave Chappelle vying for supervillain status at this point? On top of EVERYTHING else, he opposed *affordable housing* in his city and showed up at the city council meeting to threaten Comissioner Gordon???"