Ultra religious Duggars don't celebrate Halloween because dressing as witches is part of a 'demonic realm'

Ultra religious Duggars don't celebrate Halloween because dressing as witches is part of a 'demonic realm'

For all those who follow the Duggar family, it would be easy to admit that the 'Counting On' members have a longer list of rules to abide by than the British royal family, and that's saying something, for the royals have a lot of rules and protocols to follow.

Apart from strict rules for women in their house, that includes frowning upon women wearing pants and prohibiting sex before marriage (not even kissing), the Duggars have another cringe-worthy rule, where the kids of the family aren't allowed to go trick-or-treating for Halloween

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It would be easy to blame the family's patriarch Jim Bob Duggar for the Duggar's anti-Halloween stance, there are other real reasons behind the kids missing out on a normal childhood experience.

According to a 2011 blog post by matriarch Michelle Duggar, it seems that even she is against celebrating Halloween in the family. And the real reason behind all of this has something to do with the Duggar family's religious beliefs.

As Michelle explained in her blog post, the family tends to focus more on the fall harvest as a way to celebrate her "favorite season." She wrote, "While we do go to pumpkin patches and corn mazes, we don't do the Halloween thing. From the beginning of our marriage we just kind of felt like we didn't want to celebrate that holiday. But we enjoy the harvest celebration. Our church fellowship has had different celebrations through the years that we've been a part of, ones where the children can play games and receive candy and toys and do all kinds of fun things, like a cake walk."

In their book 'Growing Up Duggar', the Duggar girls Jill, Jessa, Jana and Jinger explained: "Magic, sorcery, witches, spell-casting, and the like are all part of the demonic realm that God wants us to stay away from."

"One specific thing that our parents have always been careful about is magic, which often shows up in children's movies. As harmless as it may seem, it's not a joke in God's eyes," the sisters add.

Therefore, there can be only one logical conclusion to why the Duggar children miss out on the fun and frolick of Halloween: being strict Christians doesn't really pair well with dressing as witches and goblins, something that works well in favor of the Duggars.

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The Duggar matriarch might also be worried about the possible "pranks and things" that could go on if her children were to celebrate Halloween, which may be another reason for the Duggar family's refusal to embrace Halloween as an important occasion for their children.

And it seems like the older Duggars are falling in step with their parents' beliefs with regards to the spooky festival, and are raising their children in a Halloween-free environment.

Jessa Seewald and Joy-Anna Forsyth recently posted pictures of their kids on Instagram but there are no costumes making an appearance. Last year, Jessa shared a cute picture of her youngest son Henry sitting among some autumn leaves. And more recently, Joy-Anna Forsyth shared a series of snaps of baby son Gideon with some tiny pumpkins. But one thing was clearly missing for all: no Halloween costumes whatsoever.

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