Why isn't 'B Positive' Episode 4 airing today? Here's what to expect when the CBS series returns

'B Positive' airs a repeat today, but will return on December 3 with an all-new episode

                            Why isn't 'B Positive' Episode 4 airing today? Here's what to expect when the CBS series returns

While it may be true that kidney failure waits for no man, the same doesn't quite hold true for television shows, and despite still being very early into their first season, 'B Positive' is going on a short break for Thanksgiving. Instead of its fourth episode, the series will be showing a repeat of the pilot episode, possibly in the hopes of drawing in new viewers with its premise.

The pilot episode saw Drew (Thomas Middleditch) learn that his kidneys were failing and that he needed a donor as soon as possible. Fortunately for him, his old high school acquaintance Gina (Ashleigh Ashford) spontaneously offered to give him hers. Though the two personalities are very, very different, they're bound by this act of altruism, and Drew's started seeing some major changes in his life already.

Gina is not the most organized of houseguests, and Drew has had to deal with crocs in the dishwasher, a giant dog, and what may be illegal beer brewing away in his garage. After a chat with his dialysis group, however, who would sell their right arm for a new kidney, Drew makes an effort to appreciate Gina a little more — even joining in on her TikTok dance streams.

Last episode, we saw Gina move into Drew's home, and meet his ex-wife and daughter. After Gina inadvertently revealed she was an organ donor, Drew took the time to break the news to his family about his upcoming surgery. While Drew and his ex Julia (Sara Rue) may be on relatively good terms, divorce is never easy, and when the show returns we're going to see Drew dealing with that. The episode, which airs December 3, will see Drew face a hard time when going through divorce proceedings with Julia — and seeing him feeling low, Gina decides to lift his spirits with a surprise.

The official synopsis for the episode, which is titled 'Joint Pain', reads "After Drew goes through a rough divorce mediation with Julia, Gina gives him a surprise to boost his spirits, on B POSITIVE."  

The next episode of 'B Positive' airs December 3 at 8:30 PM ET, on CBS.

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