Whoopi Goldberg pitches Barack Obama for Biden's VP pick despite two-time president being 'ineligible' for post

Whoopi Goldberg pitches Barack Obama for Biden's VP pick despite two-time president being 'ineligible' for post
Whoopi Goldberg, Barack Obama, Joe Biden (Getty Images)

Comedian and 'The View' co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, on Wednesday, suggested that 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden should take former President Barack Obama for his vice president. Goldberg made the pitch during Wednesday’s broadcast of 'The View' where a panel discussed the former vice president's big victory on Super Tuesday, which saw him winning ten states out of 14.

"So I had another — I’ve been sitting here — I’ve been crazy all morning," Goldberg said. To which co-host Meghan McCain responded with: "It’s a crazy time.”

Goldberg added: "I’m sorry. I’m just going to do my crazy right now." McCain then said: "I like it. I like when we go rogue.”

The comedian added, saying: "Everybody was thinking about who could the VP be for Joe. I thought, oh man, what would happen if Joe Biden said my choice for VP is Barack Obama?" The moment Goldberg mentioned this, the audience began cheering. "He won’t, but it’s not illegal," she said.

McCain then added saying that Obama becoming Biden's vice president was "not going to happen." ABC legal analyst and co-host Sunny Hostin also contributed to the conversation saying she did not think Obama running for Biden's VP was illegal. 

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden walk through the Crypt of the Capitol for Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony, in Washington, January 20, 2017. (Getty Images)

Co-host Joy Behar then chipped in, saying: "But you have to be eligible to run for president when you’re the vice president and he can’t." Goldberg, however, rejected Behar's statement, saying: "That's not true."

It is, however, illegal for a former president to be the vice president for another candidate if they have served two terms as the president. According to the 12th Amendment of the United States Constitution, "No person constitutionally ineligible to the office of president shall be eligible to that of vice-president of the United States."

Obama would be constitutionally ineligible to the office of the president considering he has already served two terms, according to the 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Super Tuesday saw a close contest between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Biden, with the latter emerging as the frontrunner. The next elections in 6 more states in the country scheduled for March 10 are set to provide a clear picture of who would be the Democratic nominee. 

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