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Whoopi Goldberg asks Trump supporters to ‘suck it up’ after 2020 loss just as Democrats did post 2016 result

'You’re bringing into question all these Americans who voted legally, came out and stood and voted. How dare you question it?' the 64-year-old said
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC's 'The View', angrily asked supporters of Donald Trump and Republicans to “suck it up” and acknowledge the 2020 presidential election result, just like Democrats did in 2016. The 64-year-old said on Monday, November 9, “Now, I just want to bring something up right now. I want to say to all those people who don’t believe that Americans actually got out and voted, let me say this to you. When you know who was elected four years ago, Hilary Clinton didn’t say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, this doesn’t feel right, stop the count.’ She didn’t say, ‘This isn’t right, I’m not going for it.’ She didn’t say any of that. So, all of you, suck it up. Suck it up like we sucked it up.”

Goldberg continued, “And if you’re not sure that you’re comfortable with Joe Biden, do what we did, find things and then take it to the law and if the law says it’s something to look at, look at it. But from now on, suck it up.” While referring to the president, she added, “Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself. Because this is ridiculous, you’re not sure that he won. You’re bringing into question all these Americans who voted legally, came out and stood and voted. How dare you question it?”

A number of people on Twitter seemed to agree with the actress as one such user tweeted: “That’s exactly what I said!!!! How these ppl feel now is how we felt 4 yrs and what did ppl say to us, “give him a chance, he’s gonna do great” we gave it chance HE BOMBED! The ppl have voted. LEGALLY!” A second user said, “Well said!  We sucked it up for four years, so drained.” “Thanks Whoop Whoop,, That’s the difference, When Dems lose we say man we could have a better strategy we have to run a better campaign. With Reps losing its “your the devil,” wrote a third user.



“I am not on either side, but Trumps actions and recurrent lies and obsession with winning and attention, makes me think his insisting on "fraud" is not that he had any hard evidence or even true belief there was a fraud, but he might be buying time to plan something dirty,” mentioned a user while another one added: “Thank you Whoopi!!  I kept hearing Michelle Obama's words " when they go low, we go high"!  I even thought about how MAGA people must be feeling right now because I remembered how we felt 4 years ago. Total despair. But at least we're giving them a sane replacement. Suck it up.”




But there were many on the social media site who were against Goldberg’s views. “That is exactly what we are doing taking it to the courts. We found something.! Thank you! And suck that up.!” tweeted one Trump supporter. Another one said: “I think all she and her view cronies did was complain about him for the last 4 years. Now they may go off the air as they will have nothing to complain about.”




“People are not question whether millions of voters showed up on November 3rd to cast their ballot. They are questioning whether the mail-in ballots were legally filled out by the person to which they were sent. This is the flaw in the system which we want investigated,” the third supporter added.