Who was Ida Vinterberg? Thomas Vinterberg's daughter, 19, died in car crash before debuting in 'Another Round'

Ida died in a highway accident four days into shooting 'Another Round' and Thomas paid her a tribute while accepting his Oscar award

                            Who was Ida Vinterberg? Thomas Vinterberg's daughter, 19, died in car crash before debuting in 'Another Round'
Thomas Vinterberg with his daughters Ida (L) and Nana (R) (Getty Images)

Thomas Vinterberg’s 'Another Round', a life-affirming movie about friendship and alcohol, won the Oscar for the international feature. During his Oscars speech, the actor remembered his late teenage daughter who died while he was shooting for the film, back in 2019. 

“Most importantly I want to thank my daughter Ida, who is no longer here. She was more enthusiastic about this project than anyone else had ever been,” Vinterbeg said during his speech. “It made her miss her hometown, Copenhagen, and now we miss her. And we made this movie for her.” He further added: "(Ida) loved this, and she felt seen by this, and she was supposed to be in this, and if anyone dares to believe that she’s here with us somehow, you’ll be able to see her clapping and cheering with us. We ended up making this movie for her as her monument. So, Ida, this is a miracle that just happened, and you’re a part of this miracle. Maybe you’ve been pulling some strings somewhere, I don’t know, but this one is for you.” 


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Who was Ida Vinterberg?

Born on 28 February 2000, Ida was director Thomas Vinterberg's 19-year-old daughter who died on 4 May 2019, in a car accident. Another Round's script took on an even deeper meaning after Vinterberg’s daughter died in a highway accident four days into shooting the film. Vinterberg said during his Oscar acceptance speech that the "driver was looking at a cellphone when they crashed into Ida". It was reported that Vinterberg's ex-wife, Maria Walbom, had been driving Ida to Paris to rendezvous with some friends when the accident happened because the other driver was distracted by his phone and slammed into them on the highway. Maria recovered from her injuries but Ida died instantly. 

It was reported that she was going to mark her debut with 'Another Round'. Two months before the film's shooting started, Ida sent her dad a letter from Africa expressing her excitement for the film. Ida planned to play Mikkelsen’s daughter in the film and had shared her passion for the project with her father. Rather than completely halting the movie, Vinterberg decided to honor Ida’s love for the film by finishing the shoot.

“I talked to the psychiatrist, and they were like, ‘Well, if you can work, you should,’” Vinterberg said in an interview with The Times in January. “And then I had a conversation with Mads and the rest of the crew, and we were like, ‘Ida would hate if we stopped. So, we will do the movie for her.’ And we somehow got through it. They carried me through, I would guess.”

'Another Round' is available to stream on Hulu.

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