How did Detroit rapper Paid Will die? Hip-hop group Clipping and ‘crushed’ fans mourn beloved BandGang member

The 27-year-old was best known as a member of rap collective BandGang, which was formed in 2008

                            How did Detroit rapper Paid Will die? Hip-hop group Clipping and ‘crushed’ fans mourn beloved BandGang member
Bandgang Paid Will (Factually Speaking/YouTube)

Detroit rapper Paid Will is reportedly dead and the reports first surfaced on social media in the wee hours of Tuesday, December 1, 2020. The news floated on the Internet when SayCheeseTV aka @SaycheeseDGTL posted, “Popular Detroit rapper ‘Bandgang Paid Will’ has reportedly passed away. RIP.” In no time, their tweet grabbed many eyeballs and generated over 2,000 impressions with fans wondering if the news was true. 

The cause of his death is not officially confirmed but many sources are saying he was shot and killed. MEAWW cannot independently verify but we will share the latest update soon. Reports of his death come just months after fellow Detroit rapper Jizzle P, a rising star and fellow member of Bandgang, died.


Soon, the band, clipping., confirmed the rumors with a tweet: “Damn. Just played this song in a radio mix like last week. RIP.” Fans couldn't stop mulling over old memories with the rapper. “Rest In Peace Paid Will, he was like 17 when I met him bought his bag early,” one said and another posted, “Rest Easy Paid Will & Jizzle P, two legends the city lost this year, in less than a month. Detroit knows how much of an impact they had and more. Everyone be safe & prayers to Bandgang & Shredgang.” “My generation grew up on BandGang all through HS this s--t crazy. Paid Will was my favorite too that s--t f--ked up fr Rip Paid Will,” one tweet read and another said, “I’m crushed lil bro I’m sorry.”






Born on May 17, 1993, in Detroit, Michigan, the rapper's life was not widely known. The 27-year-old was best known as a member of rap collective BandGang — formed in 2008 — known for albums such as ‘Untouchable’ (2015), ‘The Family’ (2014) and ‘WDW 2’ (2016). In 2016, he released a music video for his song ‘Feel Me’. 

A biography by Fred Thomas elaborates on the band made up of six emcees, including Paid Will, Masoe, Lonnie Bands, AJ, Javar, and Biggs. The description reads: “The group worked independently at first, self-releasing tracks, videos, and mixtapes, including ‘White Buff Boyz’, ‘Grind Season 2’, and ‘The Family’, all released in a very productive 2014. They continued the next year with more mixtapes of their increasingly raw gangster rap-informed sounds, releasing ‘Young Kings’ and ‘WDW’, among others. The ensuing years saw almost every member of the group strike out solo, with many members releasing their own album-length mixtapes. They also collaborated with Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley on 2016 single ‘Straight to It’. 2017 brought the collaborative EP, ‘The Appetizer’, with Trauma Tone, followed a year later by BandGang's lengthy, 30-track full-length In ‘Too Deep’.”

Many fellow artists took to his Instagram page to share their sorrow on his final post. Shared on Thanksgiving Day, Will wrote while flaunting his watch and sneakers, “I can count the money with a blindfold/ I can count a hunnit with a blindfold/ 200 ona dash hard to drive slow/ Never been a lick u can try doe/ This chain I got on you’ll die foe.” 

With all the condolences pouring out, the post soon became a memorial. Detroit rapper Neisha Neshae wrote, “RIP” with a pair of praying-hands emoji. Hitta J3, a California rapper who had collaborated with Bandgang, said, “RIP MY BRO PAID WILL.” Columbus rapper Crash Rarri posted, “Picc up the phone bro, this s--t can’t be true!” Music producer and beatmaker Call Me G said, “Been with you from the jump,” with a heartbroken emoji, adding, “2020 one for the books.”

Catch his song ‘Factually Speaking’ below:


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