Who is Terra? Discovery's ‘Naked and Afraid’ features its first-ever trans woman

Who is Terra? Discovery's ‘Naked and Afraid’ features its first-ever trans woman
Terra (L) and Shaun featuring in 'Naked and Afraid' (Photo Credits: Screenshot/Discovery)

The reality TV show ‘Naked and Afraid’ welcomes its first trans woman contestant - Terra. The 37-year-old Terra is a Florida-based air force veteran who was assigned the male gender at birth but began transitioning to female four years ago.
The Discovery survival show is currently in the midst of its 14th season. In the reality TV show, two strangers - typically a man and a woman - are stranded together in the wild with no food, water, gear, or clothes. Every episode unravels the adventures of the participants as they strive to survive, make shelter, find stuff to eat, drink and keep warm for 21 whole days, all the while being completely naked.




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The Sunday episode of ‘Naked and Afraid’ featured Terra along with her teammate Shaun. “People like me don't get chosen for things like this, I am trans and I don't care who knows it. What defines me is not how I look or how I act it's what I do in my life. The things I do in my life are f**king epic,” she said on the show.
Terra is a bowhunter who served in the Air force for 12 years, “I was absolutely prepared for this” she claims. The Florida veteran has undergone breast implant surgery but has yet to undergo “bottom” surgery.
On the show, Terra revealed that transitioning has been the 'hardest thing' she ever had to do but she does not regret doing it. She said, “I was born male but in my mind, growing up, I've always been female. Transitioning is the hardest thing I've ever done, but so worth it. The one thing I am aware of for my partner is that he or she is going to see a different or more unique body than they've probably ever seen”
“Things on the outside aren't what they are supposed to be at this point in my transgender transition. I do have breasts and I do have the male genitalia still.  she added. Terra was teamed up with Shaun, a South African farmer who is also a professional hunter. The duo was stranded in Pia Manzi in Zambia. Unfortunately, Shaun had to quit the show after he fell and sustained a concussion three days into the show while Terra spent 18 days in the wild alone.


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