Who stars in 'Unseen'? Full cast list of Netflix crime-thriller series

Who stars in 'Unseen'? Full cast list of Netflix crime-thriller series
'Unseen' is an upcoming South African crime thriller (Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA:  'Unseen' is an upcoming South African crime-thriller on Netflix. Created by Travis Taute and Daryne Joshua, the series aims to question people's beliefs. The producers of the hit series, 'Blood and Water', will blow viewers' minds with 'Unseen'. The series plot centers on a cleaning lady, who finds herself thrust into the seedy, underground world of a dangerous crime syndicate while searching for her husband.

South African actress Gail Mabalane, who is known for her work in 'The Wild' and 'The Road', will play the lead. 'Unseen' will release on Netflix on March 29. The plot is similar to the FOX series 'The Cleaning Lady'. 'Unseen' tries to shed light on the "invisible" workers who remain unnoticed and unappreciated for the work they do on behalf of the wealthy. To know more about the cast of the series, keep reading.


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Who is acting in 'Unseen'?

The crime-thriller stars Gail Mabalane as Mabalane in the lead role. The full cast includes Vuyo Dabula, Shimmy Isaacs, Brendon Daniels, Abduragman Adams, Hein De Vries, Ilse Klink, Mothusi Magano, Waldermar Schultz, Dineo Langa, Abduragman Adams, Rapulane Seiphmo, Colin Moss, Shamilla Ismail Miller, Clifford Young and Lehasa Moloi.



Netflix released the trailer for the series watch it below:


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 Who stars in 'Unseen'? Full cast list of Netflix crime-thriller series