Who stars in ‘A Winning Team’? Full cast list of Hallmark’s rom-com

Who stars in ‘A Winning Team’? Full cast list of Hallmark’s rom-com
Nadia Hatta and Kristoffer Polaha in 'A Winning Team' (Hallmark Channel)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'A Winning Team' a new original feature from Hallmark Channel, is described as the ideal romantic comedy that audiences have been waiting for, and it will premiere this spring. The plot revolves around a professional soccer player who teams up with a laid-back small-town coach to coach her niece's soccer team to the playoffs.



The romantic-comedy was directed by Jason Furukawa and written by Ronee Uyeshiro. 'A Winning Team' is produced in Vancouver, British Columbia by Timeless Pictures. The executive producers are Joie Botkin, Alexandre Coscas, Michael R. Goldstein, Ryan M. Murphy, Ben C. Silverman, and Steven Stabler, while the producer is Richard Greenhalgh. 

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Who stars in ‘A Winning Team’?

'A Winning Team' stars Nadia Hatta as Emily Chen and Kristoffer Polaha as Ian Vermette in the lead roles, with Marci T. House as Coach Avila, Jovanna Burke as Sheila, Morgana Wyllie as Noor, Juliette Hawk as Izzy, Marcel Zadé as Matteo Morales, Mathew Yanagiya as Arlo, Niki Garcia as Ava, and Tyson Dornn as Captain in supporting roles.


Emily and Ian's opposing coaching styles endanger the team's chances of winning the championship, but they start to warm up to each other on and off the field. As they form this new relationship, they also make strides toward healing old wounds, which is when Emily receives an offer to rejoin her soccer team. Will she take up the offer while her relationship with Ian is on the table?

The movie joins the list of various other Hallmark originals including ‘Game of Love, ‘A Paris Proposal’, etc., and will be available on Hallmark Channel on March 18, 2023.

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 Who stars in ‘A Winning Team’? Full cast list of Hallmark rom-com