Who are Sharon Stone's children? Heartbreaking moment when 'Basic Instinct' star told her 3 sons she was 'raped'

'They know everything that I’ve been through. We don’t do this pretense that it’s not polite to discuss these things. Polite? What’s polite? We had four years of Trump!' Stone said

                            Who are Sharon Stone's children? Heartbreaking moment when 'Basic Instinct' star told her 3 sons she was 'raped'
Sharon Stone says she told her children that she was raped (Instagram/Getty Images)

Sharon Stone opened up about how she frankly discussed the topic of sexual harassment with her three children as "truth matters" after "four years of Trump". The New Yorker conducted an interview with the 'Basic Instinct' actress regarding her new autobiography, 'The Beauty of Living Twice', during which the interviewer asked the star, "Your sons are fourteen, fifteen, and twenty. Do you talk to them about becoming men and how to treat women?"

Stone replied that she did. "There was a billboard about rape and the statistics, a really beautifully written billboard, and I stood in front of it with all of them and said, 'We’re going to read this together.' They’re, like, 'Mom.' I said, 'Your mother has been raped.' And they went, 'What?' I said 'Read the billboard. One in five women admit to sexual assault. Admit. So imagine how many people have been sexually abused — men and women. Now read the billboard again.'"


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"And so we really talk frankly. They know everything that I’ve been through. We don’t do this pretense that it’s not polite to discuss these things. Polite? What’s polite? We had four years of Trump! We’re done with that. Now we’re going to stop listening to the fake truth that is hurting and killing everybody, and we’re going to start talking about the truth that counts. The truth that matters," she added.

Who are Sharon Stone's sons?

Stone has three adopted sons, Roan Joseph, Laird Vonne and Quinn Kelly. When she was married to her second husband, journalist and editor Phil Bronstein, the couple tried to have children naturally, but Stone's lupus-related condition made it impossible for her to carry a baby full-term. After suffering two miscarriages they adopted Roan, who joined the family in 2000. 

Stone adopted two more children — Laird in 2005 and Quinn in 2006. Stone rarely shares pictures of her with sons on her Instagram and social media. Even though Stone attends events and different award functions with her sons, she tends to keep her children away from the media spotlight. In a 2018 interview with People magazine, Stone said that her oldest, Roan, is a “gifted glassblower”, who is “a beautiful period of his development where he’s really finding himself”. Meanwhile, her middle son, Laird, runs cross country “and comes home with mud all over him”. Her youngest, Quinn, is the quarterback of his flag football team.


Custody battle over Roan 

Roan, whom Stone and Brownstein adopted shortly following his birth in 2000, lived with his father after the couple filed for divorce in 2003 citing irreconcilable differences. At the time Stone sought to have primary custody of her son. Stone and Bronstein were caught in a bitter custody war and the actress ended up losing physical custody of her son, as a judge ruled that the boy's father could provide a more stable environment at his home in San Francisco. Stone was allowed visitation.

The grim circumstances of the custody case were laid out in court documents. According to ABC News, Stone was denied full custody of Roan due to the judge's ruling Stone was seen as "overreacting to her son Roan's health, such as when she suggested he get Botox injections for smelly feet".

Sharon Stone and Roan Joseph Bronstein attend The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California (Getty Images)

Due to the headlines surrounding Roan's upbringing, Stone tried to give him a life as normal as possible. She candidly opened up to AARP Magazine, revealing, "My main concern is that I support him, I love him, and am steady."

Despite primarily growing up away from his mother, Roan remains close to Stone. In 2019, after years of his mother losing his custody battle, Roan proved his loyalty to his mother by petitioning to have his surname changed to honor both of his parents, as reported by The Blast. He specifically outlined his request in court documents, explaining that, "I would like to take the surname of each of my parents."

Stone's close bond with her sons

In the People magazine interview, Stone also opened up about why she does not feel the need for a man in her life. “I live in the same house I’ve had for 25 years, and I feel happy waking up in my house with my kids,” she told the outlet. “They’re at a wonderful age when we don’t have to have a nanny living with us anymore. I can wake up on a Saturday and I come downstairs, and they’re playing and we hang out. We swim, play basketball, we watch movies. We have such a lovely family dynamic.”


She says she’s grown a lot to reach this point as a single parent. “It takes work and time and years and effort,” she noted, alluding to the trauma she suffered from a brain aneurysm in 2001 as well as the memory of her very public custody battle over Roan in 2008. “I learned so much from having been so ill, and regaining the gratitude for the simple things — for being able to see, for being able to talk, for being able to walk,” she said. “I was ashamed that it took something so big. I was really ashamed of myself. I lost everything — my marriage, my career, my kids, everything.”

In 2018, Stone accepted the Mother of the Year Award at the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies (ABCs) Mother’s Day Luncheon. “Motherhood didn’t come easily, but it came lovingly to me by angels,” Stone said in her acceptance speech at the time. “We’re a happy and lucky family. That is the credo we stand for. When you decide to take on this big adventure of being a single parent, you don’t know what it’s going to be like. You think, how am I ever going to do this all? It’s just a lot. Even with the help that we’re so blessed to be able to have, your hair’s still going down the drain in the shower. It’s just a lot.”