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Who is Shakeemah Jackson? Florida woman sets ex's house on fire 4 days after breakup: 'Wish he was dead'

Her ex was in the house when Jackson set a curtain on fire but she was soon arrested from a nearby store and charged with arson
Shakeemah Jackson was arrested for setting her ex-boyfriend's house on fire (Facebook)
Shakeemah Jackson was arrested for setting her ex-boyfriend's house on fire (Facebook)

CLERMONT, FLORIDA: A 35-year-old woman from Florida, Shakeemah Jackson, has been arrested after she tried setting her former boyfriend’s house on fire, according to the police. She is facing an arson charge after Lake County deputies said she tried to “burn down” the shed where her ex-boyfriend lives. 

The arrest affidavit states that deputies were called to a home in East Highland Avenue in Clermont on Saturday, April 3, just before 9 pm. The alleged victim, who hasn’t been identified, reportedly lives in a shed behind the home. He told the investigators that he saw flames in the entrance of the shed and was able to stamp it out. He revealed he saw the smoke coming from a burning curtain. 


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The alleged victim told the investigators that he saw flames in the entrance of the shed and was able to stamp it out (Getty Images)

He also claimed that he saw Jackson running away. The investigators caught hold of Jackson at a nearby store and questioned her about the fire. She told them that her former boyfriend had broken up four days ago and she hadn’t been near his shed in some time. However, when the cops took her into custody she reportedly told them, “I wish he would die. I wish he was dead.” According to police records, she admitted to setting the curtain on fire. Jackson is facing one charge of arson and as of Monday, April 5, she’s being held on $10,000 bond in Lake County jail. The cops haven’t disclosed any other detail about Jackson. 

In another incident that occurred last year, another Flordia woman was arrested for allegedly shooting at her ex-boyfriend 15 times and killing him after an argument. Karina Corbalan was a 23-year-old Instagram model who killed her 28-year-old boyfriend Alejandro Sanchez. The shooting reportedly took place at 5600 block of West 21st Avenue on March 2, 2020. 

Karina Corbalan (Miami-Dade County)

Arrest reports reveal the officers arrived at the scene to find Corbalan kneeling over the victim's body. Judge Mindy S Glazer said Corbalan was charged with second-degree murder. She reportedly shot at the car multiple times before shooting him. However, the possible reason for the shooting wasn’t revealed. 

According to Corbalan’s neighbors, the couple was no longer together at the time of the shooting. “She shoots the car. We only heard the ‘Poom, poom, poom.’ We went out, and he fell there running," one of the neighbors said. They also added that they heard the duo indulge in a heated argument before the gun went off. The victim’s mother is said to have been at the scene and it reportedly “triggered a whole new argument". The victim reportedly died at Jackson Memorial Hospital. “There’s probable cause for the charge of second-degree murder, no bond,” the judge said. 

Local 10 reports showed that Corbalan has had a past criminal record. She was previously arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer and for resisting an officer with violence.