Who is Quenlin Blackwell? TikTok star ‘living with’ Diplo sparks fury as DJ’s old ‘b***y’ tweets resurface

Social media has brought up a 2015 tweet where Diplo reportedly demeaned and body-shamed Taylor Swift

                            Who is Quenlin Blackwell? TikTok star ‘living with’ Diplo sparks fury as DJ’s old ‘b***y’ tweets resurface
Quenlin Blackwell and Diplo (Youtube/ Getty Images)

Tik-Tok sensation Quenlin Blackwell is reportedly living with the superstar DJ Diplo. The teenage video star also posted on Twitter on October 25 saying, “Okay time to tell y’all the truth...I’m mixed and Diplo is my father.” It is not clear if her tweet was a mockery since she revealed earlier on October 23 that she is living with Diplo. 

Quenlin, 19, stunned her fans completely in a camaraderie kind of conversation where she reportedly mentioned that she shares a home with Diplo, 41 on October 23. As per Too Fab, the Tik-Tok star was casually lying in bed, fielding questions from her social media followers who wanted to know if she ever gets noise complaints from her neighbors over her boisterous video shoots. "I live with Diplo right now, and he fully supports my endeavors," she reportedly smiled — and seemed bemused finding that her fans found the news so shocking.

The star then got out of her bed and filmed herself walking into another room to prove the fact about her living. She finally stood near Major Lazer founder, Diplo, to the astonishment of her fans. After finding this, the fans loaded her with questions about how the surprising living arrangement came to be. As per Too Fab, Quen briefly questioned her housemate on camera. "Why do I live with you?" she reportedly asked. "I have no other friends," Diplo reportedly replied."It's the truth."

DJ/producer Diplo attends the 2020 Adult Video News Awards at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 25, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. on January 25, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.(Getty Images)

With fans still startled about the revelation, Quenlin made the best of the moment creating a new TikTok series: ‘Living With Diplo.’ "Since y'all care so much about me living with Diplo, I just started a series called living with Diplo'," she giggled.The short episodes include a sneak peek of Diplo and his behind-the-scenes life. Quenlin’s new series reportedly revealed how Diplo struggles to tie his shoelaces, the music he listens to after conversations about Mark Wahlberg, and some snippets of a music video shoot.

"He's doing a live stream concert so I'm being a supportive child and bringing him cheezits," she captioned one of her videos on Tik-Tok. It is not yet confirmed if Diplo and Quenlin are romantically involved, hence her purpose for living with Diplo cannot be ascertained. Too Fab reported that Mississippi-born Diplo has never been married. However, the music star has three children: two with ex Kathryn Lockhart, and one child with Trinidadian model Jevon King. As per media reports, Diplo has counted iconic singer Katy Perry among his exes. In 2019 Diplo was reportedly named by Sia as one of a very small list of men she is attracted to, to whom the offer of no-strings sex is open.

Now as Quenlin mentioned about living with Diplo, the Internet started to share old post of the DJ where he body-shamed singer Taylor Swift. In 2015, Diplo reportedly posted about some demeaning and body-shaming tweets aimed at Swift, joking that he wanted to start a fundraising account to get her a “b**ty”. The Daily Mail reported it was an unprovoked attack from the DJ when he took to Twitter to write: “Someone should make a Kickstarter to get Taylor Swift a b**ty (sic).” He later reportedly tweeted, “body shaming myself right now” and added, “are Taylor Swift fans called the swift boat veterans?” The tweet was followed by a link to an actual Fundly page that read, “Any true supporter of T SWIFT would definitely not pass up this opportunity to improve her posterior!”
After that the Diplo was flogged by the Internet and which made him say making that comment on body shaming was “one of the biggest mistakes of [his] career”. Earlier in 2010, Diplo tweeted another controversial tweet writing, ‘girls born in the 90s I have to stop sleeping with you.”



Now the Internet is bringing these incidents back to the limelight and sharing. Many people on the Internet are lashing at Diplo over his past comments on body shaming and behavior towards teenagers as Quenlin revealed she is living with him. A user brought up Diplo’s past body-shaming comments, “Remember when Lorde ended Diplo when he body-shamed Taylor? I believe in taylorde supremacy.” Another concurred, “We should have gotten Diplo out of here right after he came for swift.”



A user quipped, “Diplo saying Quen lives with him bc he has no friends like bro doesn’t you have two kids lol.” A user wrote, “Cancel Diplo too.” Some came in support of Diplo, “Y’all about to cancel Diplo too now? I'm tired bro lmao so what’s considered an adult, cause at 18 you can go to the military but people wanna scream at a 19-year-old who’s already seeing someone as “being groomed” when she’s already addressed this whole thing? Y’all WEIRD” 




Who is Quenlin Blackwell?

Quenlin Blackwell is a YouTuber and Tik-Toker who boasts of a huge fan-following on social media. She posts about beauty and comedy videos on her YouTube channel that has 784K subscribers. The social media mogul has 1.4 followers on Instagram and 1.7 million on Twitter. 

As per the site The Famous People, Quenlin joined social media in 2013 when she was just 12. In the initial phase, she joined the video platform Vine under the name quensadilla and grabbed the spotlight. After that, she landed on YouTube and started posting videos that consist of makeup tutorial where she shares tips with her followers. She also puts makeup videos for various occasions and festivities like Halloween where she instructs her fans on how to dress up for the party. As per Biography Tribune, Quenlin’s video in which she made fun of the Met Gala event held in 2017 got her an invitation to pose for Teen Vogue magazine.
Site Famous Birthdays tells that she is from Dallas, Texas, and has a boyfriend named Parker with whom she began dating in 2019. As per Biography Tribune, Quenlin is very ambitious. She doesn’t want to be a YouTuber for the rest of her life and would rather have her own clothing brand and make her own music.
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