Who owns We The People? Fox show lauds wine company CEO for viral ad featuring Ronald Reagan

The ad also uses images of riots, the destruction of statues of historical figures, and more to drive home the point that America needs to change

                            Who owns We The People? Fox show lauds wine company CEO for viral ad featuring Ronald Reagan
The video ad has become hugely popular on social media (YouTube/ We The People Wine)

A video ad produced by Olympic Media has recently taken over social media and gone viral so much so that it has been reportedly dubbed as one of the most patriotic productions. The ad was focus on Sunday's 'Fox & Friends' and receiving compliments from the co-hosts. "Beautiful. Worth watching the whole thing. I came across it a couple of days ago," co-host Pete Hegseth said on the show.

Sunday's episode began with a short introductory clip of the ad that features Ronald Reagan contemplating whether American children were being properly taught about the country "and what she represents". The ad also uses images of riots, the destruction of statues of historical figures and the teaching of racist materials claiming white-centric systemic racism.


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“If we forget what we did, we won’t know who we are,” as per the latest reports Reagan says in the clip. You can watch the video here:


"We the People Wine say they stand for American exceptionalism, free markets, free people, free speech and exceptional wine," Hegseth said as he introduced the founder and CEO of We the People Wine, Ryan Coyne.

"What we wanted to do is build a brand about American exceptionalism. As you mentioned, free people, free markets, free speech - all the values we think are under attack by woke culture. We think we did a pretty good job of illustrating that," Coyne said.

On social media, the ad has become hugely popular. "Best commercial ever. This is what America needs. Remember who we are, Americans! Awaken and remember," one user wrote in the comments. Another user wrote, "I remember Reagan, I thought he was good but boy was I spoiled, especially compared to now. He is a prophet we need to look to." Along similar lines, another wrote, "Though he may be long gone, Ronald Reagan' patriotic legacy lives in all true patriots heart, there is no race, there is no color...we're all brothers and sisters of this great nation and we love thy neighbor and will bleed for the star bangle banner because we are truly free!"

Who owns We the People Wine?

Ryan Coyne is the founder and CEO of We the People Wine, as per reports. 

On the show, Hegseth asked Coyne that in an environment where corporate CEOs are increasingly adopting left-wing, anti-American stances and values, does he see a major opportunity for a brand that focuses on rekindling a patriotic spirit. Co-host Will Cain agreed with the query. “Absolutely. You see companies like Nike, you see big tech censoring free speech, and I think most Americans value free speech and want corporate brands and others to stand up for it. And that’s what we’re trying to do," he said.

"We wanted to build a brand that would bring people together and stand up for these values and we thought wine was the best opportunity to do that. What brings people together more than raising a toast of and to we the people?" Coyne added.

In addition to that, Cain had said that he and Hegseth had discussed off-camera the issue of creating products that Americans "can gravitate to" as a means of supporting the country’s founding principles. "You don’t have to give money to people who hate you," Cain said on the show. "Absolutely right. We’ve seen that in the reception of the video. Seven million views or so over the past couple of days. Right now we are selling tens of thousands of bottles a day," Coyne said, going on to give the company’s wine website (WeThePeople.wine) and asking people to "join the wine club and join the community that we’re building". 

It was also pointed out that a portion of all wine proceeds goes to support pro-American values candidates for office. "This is not a fly-by-night opportunity. This brand is putting its money where its mouth is. We’re vetting a number of different organizations right now," Coyne said, adding, “The Working Warrior Foundation is one we know well that will be a part of that. They train veterans, get them jobs. Those types of organizations are going to be key as we build this brand and build this community."

We the People Wine is "proudly made in the USA" in California, as the co-hosts pointed out on the show.