Who owns Tank in 'FBI: International'?

Who owns Tank in 'FBI: International'?
A still from 'FBI: International' Season 1 (CBS)

FBI: International’ is one of the few shows in the police procedural genre that breaks the geographical barriers to bring riveting stories. Created by the brilliant minds of Dick Wolf and Derek Haas, the series primarily focuses on the FBI’s international “Fly Team” who are operating in Europe and neutralizing threats against American interests.

The team's headquarter is in Budapest and goes to many countries across Europe to deal with the threats. The team mainly consists of seven members, but there’s one who became a fan favorite as soon as viewers watched him. Yes, you are right in guessing that we are talking about none other than Tank, the Giant Schnauzer who stays with the team and helps in eliminating some of the most dangerous minds.


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Giant Schnauzer named Green plays Tank in 'FBI: International' (CBS)
Giant Schnauzer named Green plays Tank in 'FBI: International' (CBS)

The dog was introduced in Season 1 of the hit series and saw the animal running back and forth with the team to solve the crimes. But who owns Tank and when was the animal first taken into the team? Take a look.

Who owns Tank in ‘FBI: International’?

In one of the earlier episodes of Season 1, Special Agent Scott Forrester was looking out for a talented and loyal team member. He soon finds out that a cadaver dog named Tank is retiring and is being sent to greener pastures. He instantly formed a connection with the animal and decided to hire the four-legged special agent for the team. When asked why Forrester decided to take Tank as his partner, he admitted that he took the animal in to help him avoid retirement. So, it’s safe to say that Scott Forrester is the owner of Tank in ‘FBI: International’.

As the season progressed, we saw Tank accompanying Forrester and the team in almost every case. However, things got pretty intense after a bombing in the show. Forrester took Tank to the vet and the vet told him that the reason for the dog’s worsening condition is not the bombing. Instead, he found a lump in the dog’s throat and ran further tests if the lump was cancerous. Things went from bad to worse when tests showed that Tank had a similar kind of lump in his intestines as well.

A still from 'FBI: International' (CBS)
A still from 'FBI: International' (CBS)

The vet called Forrester and wanted to tell him that they would have to perform emergency surgery to save the dog, but the special agent was so busy in a case that he couldn’t pick up the call. Fortunately, Special Agent Jamie Kellet had a discussion with the vet and gave him permission for the surgery. In the concluding moments of the episode, we saw Forrester returning from the mission and learning that his dog had emergency surgery. The ending shots also showed that the dog had a successful surgery and was hooked up to an IV.

But fans have nothing to worry about because Luke Kleintank, who plays Scott Forrester in the series, has confirmed that Tank will be making an appearance in Season 2 and remains a part of the team. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

'FBI: Internationa' returns to CBS with Season 2 on Tuesday, September 20, at 9 pm EST.

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