Who owns Tampax? Brand boycotted for 'not all women have periods' tweet, Internet calls it 'insult to every female'

A user tweeted, 'Boycott Tampax. I do and women I know do too. Aint paying for this ! I refused being insulted like this'

                            Who owns Tampax? Brand boycotted for 'not all women have periods' tweet, Internet calls it 'insult to every female'
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Tampon brand Tampax seems to have created an online stir with one of its tweets. The tweet, which was posted on September 16, said, “Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let's celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed!”


This tweet sent social media users into a frenzy debating over the message. A user said, "Mass boycott seems apt." One stated, "BOYCOTT TAMPAX !! I will NOT support being degraded, insulted and devalued. This is an insult to every female. If you are promoting Tampons for males having hemorrhoids, say it. For that is NOT a period ! Tapmax this is sexist all for money and being woke?! No thank you."

A user said, "Boycott Tampax. I do and women I know do too. Aint paying for this ! I refused being insulted like this." A user declared, "Fact: I boycott your brand."





One user said, “I miss the old days when Tampax just showed happy women frolicking in flowers and spinning in circles...” Another said, “Oh dear @Tampax your products are more expensive but I have been buying them for decades. Not any more. Anyone who calls me and my daughter 'people who bleed' isn’t getting a penny more of my money.”

Another questioned, “What's this..?? trying to use Dr Seuss lingo to try to capture & convince a group of ppl to convince them they need to buy your product that they dont actually biologically need..?” A user tweeted, " Sigh...so tired of companies disrespecting their main target audience & gaslighting the public for virtue-signaling points.”

One commented, “Gillette lost $8 billion with their 'woke', politically correct ad. I wonder how many billions of dollars Tampax are going to lose!? Can't wait to see the financial backlash.”






However, there were people who had a different take on the subject. One said, “Thank you, people behind Tampax, for your inclusive language. There's a lot of hate in the comments, but know there are people who see and appreciate (sic) it. It's such a small gesture, and hurts literally no one.” Another shared, “I'm a trans man who experienced periods for 13 years; thank you!! I may not need your products anymore, but this makes me feel good for everyone who still does.”



Who owns Tampax?

The brand is currently owned by Procter & Gamble. David S Taylor is the current chairman and CEO of P&G. As reported by Bustle, the initial discovery of the telescoping cardboard "applicator tampon" was developed and patented by the Colorado doctor Earl Haas in 1931. However, it was Gertrude Tendrich who bought the patent and started to produce it.

From sewing tampons at home to distributing them under the now-famous brand name Tampax, she expanded it. The use increased in the first seven years of Tampax's time on the market. The demand didn’t get affected even though they had to use their factories to produce surgical dressings and bandages when Americans entered World War II.

Procter & Gamble acquired Tampax’s parent company, Tambrands in 1997. Its feminine-hygiene division promptly got to work on designing a new and improved tampon.

According to a report by The Atlantic, Jim Keighley, a section head of engineering at P&G at the time, recalls that the new product was to have a "premium applicator" (that is, a plastic applicator), so that P&G’s newly acquired Tampax brand would steer clear of the "tampon my mother uses" reputation its cardboard applicator was earning it.

Last year, another P&G brand had courted controversy. Time magazine reported in 2019 that Gillette had released a commercial calling out "toxic masculinity". The ad, as mentioned in the report, addressed issues such as bullying and sexual harassment. But it got equal amount of support and criticism as well – to an extent that people threatened to boycott both Gillette and P&G.

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