Who is FreeSpace's CEO? Trump in talks to partner with little-known app to launch own social media network

Who is FreeSpace's CEO? Trump in talks to partner with little-known app to launch own social media network
Former U.S. President Donald Trump is reportedly in talks with Freespace CEO Jon Willis to launch his own social media platform (Jon Willis/ Freespace, Donald Trump/ Getty)

Former President Donald Trump is keeping himself busy these day by planning his big comeback on social media. Following his ban from several mainstream social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc, in the aftermath of Capitor Riots, Trump not on;y wants to be an active user, but also possibly own a social media platform!

Trump is reportedly in talks with various app vendors for partnering with their existing platform and create his own social media network. According to reports, Trump and his digital advisor Dan Scavino are looking into numerous social media platforms that aren't very popular in the mainstream. One app  whose name has popped up in these discussions is FreeSpace.


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Former President Donald Trump  is preparing for his big comeback on social media following his ban from  most popular platforms in the aftermath of Capitol Riots (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


A source who is familiar with these discussions reportedly told Axios that Trump and Scavino are keen on exploring FreeSpace amongst several other relatively unknown apps in the market. No deal has reportedly been made just yet. The source added, "It could be any of several companies, with more meetings this week." This news seems to be in line with a recent interview given by Trump's senior adviser Jason Miller. Miller told Fox News that Trump might be returning to social media in "two or three months" with his "own platform".  Looks like Trump might be back on social media sooner or later, and most likely on FreeSpace. If you're curious to know more about what FreeSpace is and who the founder of this relatively unknown app is, read on.


What is FreeSpace?


FreeSpace is a relatively new app that was launched on February 1 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store (FreeSpace App)



FreeSpace is a relatively new app that was launched on February 1 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app seems to be based on the motto of "the power of possibility". The app describes itself as being "backed by science to positively reinforce good habits and make the world a better place." It encourages the users to share their positive daily habits and actions that could inspire others to replicate them by posting on the app's "Activity Wall", which is similar to news feed. The app also has chat rooms where users can interact with each other and track each others' progress. 


Since its launch, FreeSpace has managed to get 20,000 downloads on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Axios also shared that FreeSpace is affiliated with Skylab Apps, a platform for coaches and trainers. No details of any deal between Trump and FreeSpace are available at the moment. 

Who owns FreeSpace?


Jon Willis owns FreeSpace and Matchstick Media (Face Forward International)



FreeSpace and Skylab Apps are owned and run by Jon Willis. He is also the CEO of Matchstick Media, a marketing agency in Arizona. His other credentials include the role of executive vice president of Legacy Sports USA, a private sports facility in USA. 

According to his bio on Face Forward International, Willis has over 21 years of commercial real estate and land development experience. He began his career in the real estate world in 1999, while he was still a senior at high school. His company Willis Property Company has reportedly brokered and developed more than $1.5 billion worth of commercial real estate.


He founded Matchstick Media with popular social media influencer Joshua Feuerstein. Feuerstein has over 3 million followers and 4 billion video views. Their marketing agency has several high-profile clients like Ford, jeep, Columbia University, Liberty Healthshare, etc. They specialise in ad management, brand awareness, and hyper-targeted geofencing. 


Willis resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife Angela and four children. 











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