Who is mystery man flashing White supremacy sign at Indigenous group? Internet calls him 'racist piece of sh*t'

Who is mystery man flashing White supremacy sign at Indigenous group? Internet calls him 'racist piece of sh*t'
The man records himself while flashing the White supremacy sign at the group (Twitter)

The internet is on a mission to track down a man who caused quite the stir by flashing a "white power" hand symbol at a task force for missing Indigenous people in Oklahoma City. In a TikTok video, a White man appears with a mobile phone and is seen recording before flashing the 'OK' sign to the group. The video caption, according to a Daily Dot report, says the organizers were a part of the Montana Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force.

The man apparently waited till "all the men were gone" before approaching the group and was slammed as racist by one of the women who was part of the group. The man spoke about the sign and said "it means OK." He also went on to call the woman "antagonistic". He then added they didn't know "what 4chan means". Although the hand gesture traditionally means 'okay', the Anti-Defamation League states that 4chan users falsely promoted it as a “white power” symbol in order to gain reactions from the media and liberals.


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You can watch the clip here.


A screengrab of the man flashing the White Supremacy sign (Twitter)

Who is the mystery man?

There is information available on the man yet, despite netizens combing through social media profiles in the Oklahoma area. He can be seen wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and what appears to be a jet-black blazer and spectacles. The man continued to flash the sign and record and appeared to not pay any heed to the slamming he received from a woman in the video. 

"We know what that means,” the woman can be seen saying. "It means that you shouldn’t even be standing here, and it means that you’re OK with disrespecting Black women and brown women. And you don’t respect the fact that this is indigenous land that you’re standing on, that your people raped and pillaged."

According to the official Montana Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force site, their objective is to: "(i) Reduce Indigenous missing persons in Montana (ii) Improve collaboration (iii) Identify families’ needs (iv) Create a reporting system (v) Track data on Montana missing indigenous persons (vi) Create a network of communication among tribal communities"

Reactions poured in thick and fast. "I just don’t understand why people WANT to be an assholes," read one of the tweets. "Bless him. Look at him. He knows he's going to be one of life's losers till the day he dies, and he's just trying to be all grown up like the sados he's seen on his bedroom tv," opined one of the people. "Jesus, looks like a future serial killer. Wonder how many bodies they are going to find in his basement?" said another.

"He looks like a background character in a bad movie about nerds. He doesn’t get any lines but they have to keep reminding him not to look at the camera and also not to be a racist piece of shit," one of the comments read.





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