'Who Killed Sara?' Season 2 Episode 1: Was Sara schizophrenic? SHOCKING backstory might reveal her true identity

The first episode of Season 2 provides some possible answers about Sara's true identity

                            'Who Killed Sara?' Season 2 Episode 1: Was Sara schizophrenic? SHOCKING backstory might reveal her true identity
A still from Season 2 of 'Who Killed Sara?' (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'Who Killed Sara?' Season 2 Episode 1

In typical Netflix style, Season 1 of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ ended on a massive cliff-hanger and viewers are now searching for answers. But this one undoubtedly pumped up the audiences. We already knew that the ending was never going to be simple. Fortunately, Season 2 did not take much time to make it to their screens and fans are really excited to see their favorite characters once again.

The finale of Season 1 brought plenty of new flashbacks from that fatal day and we also got to know about the real identity of Diane the Huntress. However, in the final few minutes of the finale, the show takes a massive turn when Alex finds a journal hidden inside the wall. As soon as he opens the diary, we get to know that Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) wasn’t we all thought she was.


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The season ended with Alex getting triggered by something in the journal and digging his own backyard. To his horror, he finds a skeleton. Flashbacks show Cesar shooting someone in the forest. But who was it? The identity of the person who died is still a mystery.

Manolo Cardona as Alex Guzman in 'Who Killed Sara?' (Netflix)

'Who Killed Sara?' Season 2 Episode 1 Spoilers

The opening scene of Season 2 dives a little deeper into Sara’s life and shows what kind of freak she was before her untimely death. Sara had a quarrel with her best friend and when her mother tries to calm her, she kicks her hard and doesn’t even care to ask her if she was hurt. In the scene, Sara keeps on saying “Everyone hates me” and “Everybody wants me dead” which makes us realize that she is clearly having a hard time coping with her mental health problems.

A still from Season 2 of 'Who Killed Sara?' (Netflix)

A few moments later, it is finally confirmed that Sara was diagnosed with severe “paranoid Schizophrenia” at a very young age. Alex gets the information after reading Sara’s journal and finding out that she was receiving psychiatric treatment for her condition. In the process, Alex also learns that Sara was perfectly capable of killing someone because she was a harmful sociopath. While learning about her past, it is revealed that she started to show signs of schizophrenia at the age of six. Flashbacks show Sara’s mother throwing a party on her daughter’s sixth birthday and talking with other moms present there. Everyone is enjoying the party except Sara.

A still from Season 2 of 'Who Killed Sara?' (Netflix)

She walks alone through the forest and sees a big rock. Without even thinking twice, she picked up the rock and starts walking toward a little girl. Thankfully, her mother stops her just a few seconds before she was going throw that rock on that little girl. But how did she become like this? Did something really bad happen in her past? A possible answer to that question is provided in the last 10 minutes of the episode.

A still from Season 2 of 'Who Killed Sara?' (Netflix)

A confrontation between the doctor and Sara’s mother reveals that Sara was not a planned pregnancy and was a result of “sexual abuse” that happened years ago. She also reveals that the man who raped her was mentally ill and is now inside a mental institution.

The entire scenario makes us believe that she is somewhat similar to her father. She believes that no one loves her and everybody wants to kill her. With everything that happened in the final episode of Season1, it can be said that it triggered her chain of thoughts and worsened her mental illness. Also, intake of drugs also could have played a massive role in worsening her condition.

A still from Season 2 of 'Who Killed Sara?' (Netflix)

However, we don’t know if these are the real reasons why Sara was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The aforementioned things could have played a role in making her who she was, but there could be many possible reasons for her freaky behavior and we hope to find some answers as the season progresses.

‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix on Wednesday, May 19.

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