Who killed Patricia Grooms? South Carolina TikTok mom shot in front of kid by beau

Four days since fatal killing, Colleton County Sheriff refuses to release further information as mysterious killing leaves friends, family heartbroken

                            Who killed Patricia Grooms? South Carolina TikTok mom shot in front of kid by beau
Billy Head III (Colleton County Sheriff's Office) and Patricia Grooms (Justice For Trish Grooms Facebook page)

COLLETON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA: The friends and family of 'TikTok mom' Patricia Grooms are pushing for answers, but find them elusive over four days since her brutal killing. The Colleton County Sheriff's Office did arrest and change one man in connection with the killing, but is refusing to provide more information because it is an open investigation. That's led Grooms' close ones to start a social media campaign and push for media coverage in hope that Grooms can get the justice she deserves.

Grooms was mysteriously shot and killed on November 12 by a man she was reportedly dating. So far, we know her body was found in a truck after she was shot multiple times in front of her child. The brutal killing has left loved ones furious since it happened suddenly. The police quickly arrested one 38-year-old man, who they claim is responsible, but have not mentioned his exact role. Furthermore, beyond a vague incident report, the Sheriff's Office has not provided any further details.


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Apart from the question of why, Grooms' close ones also want to know what exactly happened, and ensure she gets justice. However, it's not proving to be easy. Here's everything we know about the man arrested,  and the effort Grooms' friends and family are now undertaking.

Patricia Grooms (Justice for Trish Grooms Facebook page)


Who killed Patricia Grooms?

On November 15, the police arrested Billy Mclean Head III and charged him with murder. Head was taken to the Colleton Detention Center, where he was detained until his bail hearing on November 16. According to reports, he was denied bail and is still being held at the detention center. It's unclear what happened between Head and Grooms, with the police only issuing a vague four-line incident report to The Sun when they filed a freedom of information request.

"Dispatch advised that a female called in stating that she was out with a male and a female juvenile. The male was stating to the female caller that he had been attacked by someone with a knife. I arrived and found an unresponsive female in a truck with apparent gunshot wounds," the report says. It's unclear who the caller was, and who the attacker was. It's also unclear what role the knife played when Grooms was found with gunshot wounds.

The mystery deepened even further when some sources told The Sun about the relationship between Head and Grooms. Megan Campodonico, a family friend said Grooms and her husband were separated, but "it looked like they were going to patch things up. Then this guy (Head) came out of nowhere." Another coworker said that the two had been dating for about three weeks, but was unsure how they met.

It's believed right now the two got into a fight for some reason, which led Head to shoot Grooms. But, as Campodonico noted, "There are a lot of things we don't know." And given that the police aren't as forthcoming, she and others have decided to take things into their own hands.


Several close ones have now started a social media campaign with the hashtag #JusticeForTrishGrooms. They've also created a Facebook page, where they are constantly pressing the police for more information. "We all woke up this morning and Trish didnt… Why?" one post read. It went on to say, "Where is the media coverage? NOT ON TRISH. Whats happening? Its being SWEPT UNDER THE RUG." 

Since the arrest of Head, the post has been edited to read "this is not his first time shooting someone." A detailed arrest history for Head could not be obtained, so it is unclear if this claim is true. They have also pressured the Sheriff's Office to release more information and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to get involved in the case. In response to the pressure, the Sheriff's Office told The Sun, "This investigation remains open and active, limiting the release of additional information." 

So far, the SLED has not gotten itself involved, and they haven't commented on whether they will. As a result, all eyes are now on the Colleton County Sheriff's Office, with the pressure mounting each day.

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