Who is William Terry? Katy Perry terrified by 'stalker' who posted lewd threats for her and fiancé Orlando Bloom

Who is William Terry? Katy Perry terrified by 'stalker' who posted lewd threats for her and fiancé Orlando Bloom
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Katy Perry will finally be receiving some reprieve after a judge granted a permanent restraining order against William Terry, the man Perry claims has been stalking her and threatening her family. According to multiple reports, Terry, aged 38, was arrested by the police after jumping the fence of the pop star’s Beverly Hills home.

According to the court's order, Terry, for the next three years, must stay 100 yards away from Perry, her fiancé Orlando Bloom, their newborn baby girl, and Bloom's son Flynn (from his previous marriage to supermodel Miranda Kerr). The stalker is prohibited from trying to contact Perry, her family and her staff on social media or post anything about her. He also has to stay away from her concerts and all forms of live appearances. The 'Roar' singer sought protection in September after Terry was busted for trespassing. According to Perry, the alleged stalker tried to tresspass into her property in August as well.

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As per Daily Mail, Terry's troubling online behavior included numerous graphic and sexually explicit posts about Perry, comments about killing dogs and cops, threats to "snap Orlando Bloom's neck" and wishing Flynn and Miranda would "catch covid and die". Perry recently became a mother for the first time in August after giving birth to her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom.

Who is William Terry?

Although little is known about Katy Perry's stalker, William Terry, he has been extremely active on Twitter. The 38-year-old man, immediately after being released from custody, tweeted, "Security guard trying to stop me from seeing my wife and had a gun and all but I wasn’t going down without a fight." The tweet appeared on an account identified as Terry’s by Perry’s security team in court documents filed this week. Terry, who's originally from Texas, also posted a video which zoomed in on Perry’s signature on court documents she filed to get a restraining order against him. Perry, 35, was home with newborn daughter Daisy when Terry jumped the fence of her house trying to break in. The singer's security found numerous messages written by Terry on Twitter about the pop star and her fiancé.

In the court papers, Perry said: "We fear for our safety because William Terry has demonstrated that he is dangerous and that he poses a credible threat of violence. Terry has come to my home repeatedly, most recently on September 8, when he jumped over the fence to my home and tried to enter my house while I was home with our newborn baby. Terry has also repeatedly sent me/posted numerous disgusting messages on Twitter, many of a graphic sexual nature.”

Terry will have to appear in court in January 2021 to face trespassing charges.

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