Who is William Jordan Carter? Dallas firefighter fakes Covid for $12K aid, goes on vacation

Dallas firefighter William Jordan Carter lied about having Covid-19 in order to receive $12,500 in paid vacation time and took his family to a resort

                            Who is William Jordan Carter? Dallas firefighter fakes Covid for $12K aid, goes on vacation
Dallas firefighter William Jordan Carter (Dallas Fire Rescue)

DALLAS, TEXAS: A Texas firefighter was arrested after he allegedly pretended to have Covid-19 in order to receive $12,500 in paid time off duty, which he used to take his family to a water park resort, news outlets reported on Tuesday, August 3.

MEAWW recently reported that fake vaccine cards are swarming the US right now, as most businesses require proof of vaccination. The tiny card is now becoming a resource so valuable that they are often widely shared on social media, allowing forgers to accurately recreate them with little hassle. 


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Recently, a licensed homeopathic doctor in San Francisco, Juli Mazi, was arrested for her alleged scheme to sell homeoprophylaxis immunization pellets and false vaccination passports. A California bar owner, Todd Anderson, was arrested in May this year for selling $20 fake vaccine cards. Earlier this year in March, a multitude of TikTok users were shocked as healthcare workers boasted about how they were forging vaccination cards. The incident which came to light on Tuesday is also reminiscent of the problems such fake vaccine claims can pose. 

Who is William Jordan Carter?

William Jordan Carter, 38, is a firefighter from Dallas, Texas. He works at the Dallas Fire-Rescue, according to CBS Local. He was booked into the Dallas County jail on a charge of felony theft. Following his arrest on Friday, Carter has been placed on administrative leave from Fire Station 7 in Dallas.

According to an arrest affidavit acquired by the Dallas Morning News, Carter first asked for time off on March 24, claiming that his wife had tested positive for the virus. He was able to receive $12,548.86 in paid time off during his Covid-19 leave. Bank records showed that Carter took his family to a waterpark resort in Round Rock, Texas, while on leave, according to investigators.

William Jordan Carter (Dallas County Sheriff's Department)

Carter allegedly began the hoax on March 24, when he told his fire station that his wife had tested positive for Covid-19. Carter claimed his daughter had tested positive for the virus a week later. Carter allegedly told his deputy chief he was feeling ill a week later and tested positive. He was also said to be unable to offer confirmation that members of his family had tested positive. When asked if his family members had tested positive, Carter said, according to the affidavit, “I guess not".

His bank records show he spent around $1,400 at the Kalahari waterpark facility in Round Rock while he was off work, according to the affidavit. They also found records of purchases at a gift shop in Waco and a Buc-ee’s in Temple. Carter allegedly told his fire chief, "Greed, I guess," when asked why he lied about his diagnosis. Carter allegedly took the paid time off across three pay cycles, according to authorities. He was compensated with funds from the City of Dallas' General Funds, which are derived through taxes and fines.

If Dallas firemen have been exposed to or diagnosed with Covid-19, they are entitled to compensated time off without utilizing sick days during the pandemic, Fox News reported. When asked to show proof of his positive diagnosis, Carter was compelled to admit he lied about having the virus, according to the affidavit. Following his arrest, Carter was placed on paid administrative leave. On Tuesday, he was freed from custody after posting a $1,500 bond at the Dallas County jail.

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