#StreamTreviMoran: Who is Trevi Moran and why is the Internet obsessed with her new EP Freedom?

#StreamTreviMoran: Who is Trevi Moran and why is the Internet obsessed with her new EP Freedom?
Trevi Moran (Getty Images)

Trevi Moran has her new EP 'Freedom' trending on Twitter with fans calling it a "masterpiece" and saying they couldn't be more proud.

Moran tweeted to her fanbase on July 17, stating, "Can we get #StreamTreviMoran trending?!!!" adding she would be following and retweeting posts made by her fans. And as one fan responded, "Your wish is my command queen," her fans did, indeed, get her trending. "SHE'S THE QUEEN, STREAM FREEDOM," stated one fan, "EVERYTHING SHE MAKES IS AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE, STREAM FREEDOM," shared another, and one fan stated, "She's so talented go listen to #FREEDOM now pls."

The 'Freedom' EP dropped on July 3, released by Moran herself. The 21-year-old singer previously released the single 'Cheers' in June, sharing on Instagram, "I can’t believe I’m about to f–king say this…. my brand new single ‘Cheers’ (off the upcoming EP ‘FREEDOM’) will be premiering Tuesday June 30th 9pm PST ON F–KING AIR ON @1027kiisfm @iheartradio @siriusxm following an interview. MARK YOUR CALENDARS." She continued, "My emotions have been all over the place. This is my first ever song to impact radio & everything I’ve worked for is finally happening. I remember listening to Lady Gaga on KIIS always wishing that could be me… and look where I am now. I can’t stop crying. Thank you for being there for me since the beginning & never giving up on me."


'Cheers' was special in several ways, with one of the most important reasons being it was the first track Moran put out since she came out as a transgender woman earlier this year, which, by extension, makes 'Freedom' her first EP that she has released under the name Trevi Moran. And going by her fan's reactions, the EP is clearly a hit as many are already sharing their favorite tracks off there record. "Loving the ep!!!!" stated one fan, "My two ultimate favs are Sinner and Crisis," shared another and one fan posted a screenshot of the track 'When I'm Sober' playing off their playlist, adding, "My favorite off the ep."

Moran began her career quite young, rising to fame after participating in 'The X Factor' in 2012 when she was just 13 years old. She additionally developed a massive online following as a YouTube personality, amazing over a million subscribers since she began sharing content online. She would go on to release several singles in the following years, including 2013's 'The Dark Side', which landed on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart. Her debut EP 'XIAT' dropped in 2014, while her second EP 'Alive' arrived in 2016, with Moran embarking on the 'Alive + GOLD' tour the same year alongside Ricky Dillon.

Fans have been sharing some heartwarming messages for Moran, including how proud they are of who she is and her journey thus far, which, in addition to coming out, has also included Moran's efforts towards sobriety. One fan said, "I have been following you and your journey for a few years now. I just want to say that I'm so proud of you and you deserve nothing but the best," while another shared, "I can tell how much trevi put into this album and its so f*cking good. I’m so proud of her and everything she’s accomplished. I’m so glad I’ve been watching her grow. She’s so amazing."

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