Who is Tracy Ray Rollins Jr? Trucker who brutally shot NYC model 20 times gets 40 to 80 years in prison

Who is Tracy Ray Rollins Jr? Trucker who brutally shot NYC model 20 times gets 40 to 80 years in prison
Tracy Ray Rollins Jr, 30, murdered Rebecca Landrith, 47, and dumped her body in the snow near Interstate 80 in western Union County (Connecticut State Police/YouTube)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A Texas truck driver was sentenced to 40 to 80 years in state prison for killing a New York City model and leaving her body in the snow near Interstate 80 in western Union County. Tracy Ray Rollins Jr, 30, of Dallas, was sentenced on Monday, November 7 by Snyder-Union County Judge Michael H Sholley following a plea deal. In September, Rollins pled guilty to third-degree murder and 20 counts of corpse abuse in the death of Rebecca Landrith, 47.

According to the plea deal, he received consecutive sentences of 20 to 40 years for homicide and 1 to 2 years for each of the misuse of body offenses. Rollins "should not be paroled after serving his minimum sentence", according to Sholley, as per Penn Live.


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Rollins declined to comment, but chief public defender Brian Ulmer stated that his client took responsibility for Landrith's murder, a professional model and skilled violinist. She was shot 20 times, and her body was discovered by a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation worker on February 7, 2021, in a snowbank at the Mile Run interchange of I-80. "A tragedy has befallen the Landrith family," Ulmer stated. He claimed that Rollins committed a "terrible thing" and was "willing to pay the price," he said, reported by Penn Live.

Given the severe injuries to the victim, it is effectively a life sentence, and Rollins' guilty plea spared the victim's family from having to go through a trial, according to District Attorney D Peter Johnson. He claimed that even though the family approved the plea deal, Rollins had been charged with an open case of homicide that included first-degree murder.

The effect Landrith's death has had on them and the family was discussed by three of her siblings and her mother. A nine-minute memorial film was aired, which featured still images of Landrith as a child through an adult.

According to George Landrith III, Rollins cruelly murdered his youngest sister and dumped her in a snowbank. He expressed appreciation to those who "achieved justice for Becky." In her remarks, her mother, Patricia McGinnis, stated that her daughter was sometimes too kind and was taken advantage of.

"You can't replace a child," she claimed, echoing her son's claim that she was brutally murdered and "discarded like a piece of garbage." After hearing the four family members' presentations, Sholley stated, "It is these scenarios that make me feel inadequate." He said, "you [family] stated everything there is to say," and then imposed the penalty.

Penn Live reported that Rollins never explained why he killed the woman traveling with him. The murder location was identified as Rollins' truck's sleeper section based on the discovery of spent shells and organic evidence.

Landrith's body was discovered at the Mile Run junction, and the family decided to create a memorial. She had no identification on her; therefore, fingerprints were used to identify the remains. However, detectives reportedly discovered a letter with Rollins' name, contact information (including a mobile number and email address), and business receipts in a jacket pocket. In a surveillance video taken at the Pilot Travel Center in Franksville, Wisconsin, on February 4, 2021, at 6.01 pm, Rollins and Virginia resident Landrith were captured together, as Penn Live reported.

According to Penn Live, the receipt from a Popeye's in Howe, Indiana, showing the use of a $20 bill to pay for a $7.99 lunch at 2.06 that same day was also discovered in her clothing. At 6.44 pm on February 6, 2021, Rollins was seen on camera at the spot and another one when he was with Landrith at a Pilot in Austintown, Ohio. Cell phone data identified Rollins as having spent 13 minutes near the Interstate 80 Loganton intersection starting at 11.48 that evening and 12.11 to 12.26 the following morning at the Mile Run interchange.

Three days later, when Rollins' truck was seen parked at a truck stop in Southington, Connecticut, he was taken into custody. Since then, he has been held without bond.

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