Who is Sally Yates married to? A look at her husband J Comer Yates and children amid Biden's AG pick rumors

Yates was fired by Trump within a week of his presidency because of her disagreement with him over his immigration executive order

                            Who is Sally Yates married to? A look at her husband J Comer Yates and children amid Biden's AG pick rumors
Sally Yates (Getty Images)

All eyes across the globe are on US right now. With less than a month left for the elections, it is expected that everyone is wondering what will the moves of the candidates – president Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden – would be. According to a report by Axios, there are whispers that New York governor Andrew Cuomo could be considered for Joe Biden's attorney general.

However, Cuomo’s team has denied any news of him serving in Biden’s potential cabinet. Cuomo's senior adviser Richard Azzopardi told Axios, “100% he's made zero outreach, has had zero conversations about this and has made his desire to stay in New York clear as day and be governor as long as people want him.” As per the Axios report, names such as former acting attorney general Sally Yates and Stacey Abrams are also likely on a list of attorney general candidates. Yates's name had also come up when it was time for Biden to choose his vice presidential running mate as well. 

Yates became known as one of the first sitting government officials to directly clash with President Trump. She also, as a career lawyer who's never held an elected office, could be a huge support to Biden. 

Here's a look at one of the top contenders for Attorney General pick

Sally Yates's personal life

According to Heavy, Yates was fired by Trump, as acting Attorney General, within a week of his presidency because of her disagreement with him over his immigration executive order. Yates had been appointed the deputy attorney general by former President Obama. Interestingly, she comes from a family of lawyers; a 2017 profile of Yates in the New Yorker states that Yates's father was a judge in Georgia and her grandfather, Joseph Dillard Quillian, was a member of the Georgia Supreme Court.

She is married to J Comer Yates, who is a lawyer and teacher. Comer ran for Congress twice. The two met when they were both lawyers at King & Spalding, a top law firm in Atlanta. In 1994, he first ran for a seat in the US House of Representatives in Georgia’s 4th congressional district but lost to Republican Rep. John Linder. Then, in 1996, he ran against Democrat Rep. Cynthia McKinney, but lost yet again.

Since 1998, he has served as the executive director for the Atlanta Speech School.  The school facilitates, children and adults in the Atlanta area with speech, language and learning disabilities, an opportunity to secure and develop their language and literacy skills. According to Heavy, the Emory University graduate also served as a high school teacher. While doing that, Comer earned his law degree and also taught at Emory’s School of Law as an adjunct professor. Yates and Comer have two children -- a daughter named Kelley and a son named Quill. As per the report, Kelley is pursuing a career as a special education teacher while Quill is pursuing his studies in political science and environmental policy.

Twitter reactions

After the Axios report stated Sally Yates as one of Biden’s probable choices, Twitter was soon blowing up with reactions. One user stated, “It would be poetic justice to see AG Sally Yates prosecute Trump.” A user commented, “If I was Biden I would pick Sally Yates!! Faith in DOJ needs to be restored!!” Another opined, “Any of them would be great, but Sally Yates sacrificed her position at DOJ by standing up to Trump. That puts her at the top, IMO.” A user stated, “I don’t care if it’s Andrew Cuomo, Sally Yates, or Stacey Abrams.   Any of them would be much better than William Barr. Who’s with me?” One tweeted, “Sally Yates as AG not only because it’s poetic justice to have her undo everything Trump / Barr / Sessions / Miller did she’s a major Badass and would rock that job!” Another commented, “I believe Sally Yates is tough and has real integrity. But anyone on that list would be honest and fair.”













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