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Who is Pablo Hidalgo? Lucasfilm's 'Yoda' gets canceled for bullying 'Star Wars' superfan after he got emotional

'LucasFilm: Makes emotional moment in #mandalorian; Fan: gets emotional; LucasFilm: Ha! Whatta pathetic loser!'
Pablo Hidalgo (Wikipedia), Canadian Youtuber StarWarsTheory (Youtube)
Pablo Hidalgo (Wikipedia), Canadian Youtuber StarWarsTheory (Youtube)

Unofficially, Pablo Hidalgo is called the "Yoda" of Lucasfilms. Why? It is because he heads the team of super geek employees who are charged with keeping track of the canon of the franchise. JJ Abrams has admitted how he would often e-mail Hidalgo up to three times a day asking him questions about details about the franchise's universe when he was making 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'. As a super fan himself, you would imagine that Hidalgo would understand how other 'Star Wars' fans might connect emotionally to the franchise's output. But apparently not.

Canadian YouTuber 'Star Wars Theory' with more than 2.7 million subscribers is known for his 'Star Wars' content. He is also a cancer survivor whose childhood hero was Luke Skywalker. So it was understandable why he cried during Luke Skywalker's return during a live stream video of him reacting to the Season 2 finale of 'The Mandalorian'. His video promptly got trolled and he became the subject of online bullying by toxic 'Star Wars' geeks who felt his open show of emotions was "artificially" created to get views. This was made worse when Pablo Hidalgo tweeted the response "emotions are not for sharing" on the thread trolling the YouTuber, validating the cyberbullying of the 'Stars Wars' superfan.

Hidalgo subsequently deleted the post when other Twitter users defended the YouTuber, before he again posted it as his Twitter header briefly. Since many of the tweets have been subsequently deleted, 'Star Wars Theory' uploaded a 6-minute video discussing the Twitter flame war on his channel with screenshots of the toxic thread on which Hidalgo had piled on. The video has already garnered more than 332K views and 50K 'Likes', and got LucasFilm trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.


 One fan commenting on the turn of events said: "Just wanted to point out that @fellawhomstdve made fun of a cancer survivor for getting emotional for seeing his childhood hero Luke Skywalker on screen again, and @pablohidalgo, a high up Lucasfilm official joined in on that and fueled the fire." Another user, who also is not a fan of Hidalgo pointed out that this is not the first instance of toxic behavior from this LucasFilm executive, saying "Sadly, Hidalgo has been trolling fans who actually care about Star Wars since Lucasfilm was sold. Pay that hoser no attention, Theory. He doesn't know what it's like to be passionate about something, much less Star Wars." 



Other fans could not understand why a Lucasfilm exec would troll a fan for connecting deeply with content their own company was creating. "LucasFilm: Makes emotional moment in #mandalorian; Fan: gets emotional; LucasFilm: Ha! Whatta pathetic loser!", while another said: "#lucasfilm #disney need to address this toxic unprofessionalism by their employee. He's not just mocking a fan, he's perpetuating the dangerous stereotype that men can't/shouldn't show emotion. Something that literally causes suicide".



Since the issue blew up on Twitter, Pablo Hidalgo has made his Twitter account private and his header now reads: "Retired and having fun".