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'Secret Celebrity Renovation' Season 2 on CBS: Who is Nischelle Turner? Emmy-winning host returns with renovation show

Nischelle Turner has walked the red carpet, fronted the news desk, and worked in the reporting field
Nischelle Turner (Instagram/nischelleturner)
Nischelle Turner (Instagram/nischelleturner)

Nischelle Turner is a well-known celebrity in the entertainment world. With Season 2 of 'Secret Celebrity Renovation' fast coming, let's learn everything we can about the Emmy-winning presenter.

Nischelle Turner has been a mainstay in the media industry in some capacity for more than a decade. Her dedication to keeping people updated has led to a highly successful career, whether she is working for a local news station or anchoring Entertainment Tonight. Although she is most recognized for her journalism, she has recently chosen to shift gears. Earlier in 2021, it was stated that she will lead an upcoming home remodeling program starring celebrities. Turner was introduced to a completely new audience, and her previous followers were ecstatic to see her accomplish.


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Who is Nischelle Turner?

Nischelle Turner was born and raised in Missouri and chose to attend college close to home. She is an African-American national of the United States. She was raised by her mother, who was a single mom. Furthermore, she obtained a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri's Missouri School of Journalism. She had her first job after college with WEHT, an ABC affiliate station in Evansville, Indiana. She wanted to hone her journalism abilities by reporting from satellite trucks and helicopters. Turner's job as a journalist isn't the first time she's appeared in front of the camera. She has also had minor appearances in shows such as 'The Young,' 'American Horror Story,' and 'The Restless.' She has always played a news journalist in her roles.

Turner was constantly looking for opportunities to showcase her bright personality, even before she got into journalism. She was a part of the cheerleading team in high school and has pleasant memories of her time on the unit. She has always been the sort of person that is willing to try new things and is not afraid of a challenge or an interesting experience. Likewise, she likes traveling and has had the opportunity to visit various places throughout the years.

Turner has worked hard to create a huge platform for herself, and she has also worked hard to use it to benefit others. She is enthusiastic about interacting with the community, particularly with young people. She is presently a mentor for the Brown Girls Dream program. Many public figures are afraid to express their political views for fear of repercussions, but Turner is not one of them. She has not been shy about expressing her political views on social media, and she has voiced her support for the Biden/Harris ticket.

Turner enjoys being active, and yoga is one of her favorite things to do so. In an Instagram post, she expressed her enthusiasm for yoga, saying, “My practice centers me, it grounds me, it fuels me. Lately, my heart has been so heavy, my head has been spinning, and I’ve been looking for answers and coming up empty every single time. It’s defeating. So I needed something to make me feel strong. Birds of Paradise is one of my favorite strength and balance poses.”

Turner is one of the many folks who like reality television on the side. She enjoys watching 'The Real Housewives of Potomoc' a lot. She enjoys live-tweeting her thoughts throughout each episode, much like many other fans, and it's a wonderful way for her followers to interact with her.


Nischelle Turner's horrifying encounter with racism

Nischelle Turner had a really terrible incident while walking around Hollywood after having an interview with Oprah in the summer of 2019. Nischelle stated in an article for Women's Health Magazine, “I looked up to see two white men giving me the finger. We were both headed for a stoplight, and we stopped at the same time. They were in the turning lane, and I was in the lane beside them. I looked over and gave them a shoulder shrug like, “Really?” Then, they rolled down the window and started screaming, “F-you! F-you!” At that point, I turned back around, but they kept screaming at me. The guy in the passenger seat opened his car door, leaned out, and spat on my car.” She didn't speak out about her incident until 2020, thinking that the justice system would handle it properly.

How many Emmys has Nischelle Turner won?

Nischelle Turner is a six-time Emmy Award-winning co-host of the show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. She joined ET in 2014 as a journalist and was promoted to co-host in 2021. Turner is an award-winning journalist and CNN contributor, appearing in entertainment segments on CNN Newsroom, CNN Tonight, New Day, and others. Turner frequently adds her voice to current entertainment and political events, as well as joining their coverage of the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammys.


Season 2 of 'Secret Celebrity Renovation' premieres on CBS on Friday, July 8 at 8 pm ET/PT.