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Who is Nadya Suleman's ex-husband? 'Octomom' celebrates 14th birthday of her octuplets

Nadya Suleman reportedly took the children out for pizza and go-karting on the occasion
Nadya Suleman recently celebrated the 14th birthday of her octuplets (pictture /Nadya Suleman/instagram)
Nadya Suleman recently celebrated the 14th birthday of her octuplets (pictture /Nadya Suleman/instagram)

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Adult film star Nadya Suleman, popularly known as the Octomom, celebrated the 14th birthday of her octuplets on Wednesday, January 25. 

Suleman, 47, conceived the octuplets through IVF. She had six children earlier in the same way. The birth of her eight children sparked a fierce debate in the field of assisted reproductive technology, which resulted in the Medical Board of California investigating the doctor who aided Suleman.


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Suleman reportedly celebrated her children's 14th birthday with a lot of pomp. In videos and photos shared by the Daily Mail, the beaming mother and her eight children were seen walking down a road with balloons (which spelled BIRTHDAY) in their hands. The children then went go-karting with their mother before pizza. They also sang together before chowing down on vegan donuts, as per TMZ

In an interview with The New York Times in 2009, Suleman claimed that the reason she had so many children was because of Dr Michael Kamrava, a physician whose licence has been revoked and he has left the country. She maintained that he was responsible for her having so many children.

"I was misled by my doctor," Suleman asserted. She thought she would have only two children, but Kamrava implanted 12 embryos. "He told me we lost six embryos, he said they were expelled out of me, and that's why he wanted to implant another six," Suleman reportedly claimed.

Who is Nadya Suleman's ex-husband?

As per Gossip Next Door, Marcos Gutierrez, is 48 as of January 2022. While there is no mention of his exact date of birth, he was born in December. The outlet stated that he works for Ventura Pacific Company as an operations manager since September 2021. He had worked as a manager for both Boskovich Farms Inc and Caito Foods Service Inc in the past. He resides in San Bernardino, California. 

Suleman married Gutierrez in 1996, the two separated in 2000 and filed for a divorce in 2006 which was finalized in the year 2008. Suleman went on to conceive a total of 14 children after the couple split, including the octuplets.

In an interview with Inside Editon in March 2009, Gutierrez denied that the 14 children were his. He reportedly said, “She was my ex-wife, They are not my kids, but I wish her the best. … I still want her to be happy. Happiness for her is to have all these kids." He added that she was a "wonderful lady with a great heart." 

In the New York Times interview, speaking about her children, Suleman stated, "We talk about everything." Her daughter, Amerah, said, "She's been fighting for our family for 10 years now. No matter what, she's never going to give up and I know that."

Her son Joshua reportedly said that there was a bright side to having so many siblings. "Some of my friends don't have any siblings, so they want to know what it's like. It's nice to have someone to play with, but it can be overwhelming at times," he reportedly said.